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Binding is the process of connecting a "field" (a variable to be supplied by your program, or returned to your program) with a property on a Profound UI widget.  Most item-level properties may be "bound" by inserting a JSON object (with the fields shown below) in place of a property value.

Binding Properties

Field Name ("fieldName"): Required Field. Name of Program Field to Bind to.

Data Type ("dataType"): The data type of the Program field. The following types are available:

  • Char  (“char”)
  • Decimal  (“zoned”)
  • Indicator  (“indicator”)
  • Indicator Expression  (“expression”)
  • Floating Point  (“floating”)
  • Date (“date”)
  • Time (“time”)
  • Time Stamp  (“timestamp”)
  • Graphic  (“graphic”)

You can also select “Use Reference Field” as the Data Type, and the type will match the data field type of an already defined program field (you can either specify the Reference Field value, or have your Field Name match the reference field’s name)

Data Length ("dataLength"):  The length of the data for the Program Field.

Decimals ("decPos"):  The number of decimal positions for a Data Type of Decimal.

Reference Field ("refField"):  If your Field Name is different from the name of the Reference Field (if you are using the “Use Reference Field” Data Type), you will have to specify the name of the Reference Field here.

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