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Profound UI now offers multiple ways to visualize and report your information thorough chart widgets. These charts provide interactive and visually appealing ways to present your data. The full FusionCharts Suite XT is now available as part of Profound UI.

Some Example FusionCharts Products Included:


Common chart types for single-series and multi-series data in 2D or 3D style.

Line Charts                                       Pie Charts                                        Stacked Charts



Over a dozen more advanced and specific chart types.

Visually Editable Charts                  Waterfall Charts                               Drag Node Charts




Temperature, angular, and linear gauges; funnel, pyramid, and Gantt charts.

Pyramid Charts                                 Gantt Charts                                    Gauges




Display numeric data associated with geographic locations. Nearly 1000 maps are available.

US Maps                                            European Maps                                Global Maps


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