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Sample code:
Display file source:                 PUISAMPLES/QDDSSRC(CHECK001D)
RPGLE source:                      PUISAMPLES/QRPGLESRC(CHECK001R)

To create a record format that acts like a pop-up dialog, select one of the dialog widgets in the Dialogs section of the Widgets Toolbox, and drag it onto the canvas.  You can change the dialog’s title by double-clicking the element.

You can also add a close button to the dialog’s title bar by dragging it from the Widgets Toolbox and setting the response property to an indicator that will be set on when the user closes the dialog.

Once you finalize the position and size of the dialog, you can lock it in place and drag other widget elements over top of it.  Then, select screen properties by clicking the canvas, and set show as window to true.

You can determine the position of the dialog by specifying window left and window top properties, or by setting the center window property to true.

As with any other screen, use the ExFmt operation in your RPG code to display the dialog.  When the format is displayed at runtime, it will now pop up as a dialog on top of the previous screen.  The user will be able to move the dialog by dragging its title bar.

Note: The pop-up dialog is not a true browser window, and therefore will not be detected by pop-up blockers within the user’s browser.

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