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Kerberos is a network authentication protocol that uses "tickets" for authentication as an alternative to user name and password. Profound UI supports using Kerberos for single sign on access.

Setting up Kerberos in your environment is well beyond the scope of this document. You can find instructions on how to set up Kerberos here.

If you use Kerberos in your environment, the directives needed to configure it in Profound UI are already in your httpd.conf configuration file, but they are commented out. To enable Kerberos, open your httpd.conf file for editing. You can do so from a command line by entering:

EDTF '/www/profoundui/conf/httpd.conf'

First, you will need to find the following directives:

These directives tell the web server to use IBM i user names and passwords for authentication. Comment these lines out by inserting the # symbol at the beginning of each line.

Next, you will look for these directives:

and uncomment all but the first line by removing the # symbols before each line.

As with any change to httpd.conf, a restart of the Profound UI webserver will be required for the changes to take effect.

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