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This guide will show you how to get up and running so you are able to use the PJSCONVERT command from your IBM i.


In order to use PJSCONVERT, you will need to have the following installed

  1. Profound UI - Minimum RequirementsInstalling Profound UI
  2. Profound.js (includes Node.js) - Installing PrerequisitesInstalling Profound.js

The PJSCONVERT command is shipped with Profound.js. To use the command, your IBM i must be connected to the Internet.

Signing up for the Portal

First, navigate to the login page at
To register an account, click the "Register" link just below the "LOGIN" button.

You will be brought to the registration screen below.
On this screen, you will be required to fill out all of the fields on the left side (email address, password, confirm password, name, and company).
Fields on the right side of the screen are optional for registration and can be filled out later via the "Edit Account Information" menu link within the portal. 

Password Requirements:

  • Must be at least eight characters in length
  • Must include at least one uppercase letter
  • Must include at least one lowercase letter
  • Must include at least one number

Once you have completed filling out the necessary fields, click the "REGISTER" button.

You will receive the following notification:

Upon clicking "OK," you will be redirected to the login page.
Check your email for a confirmation link. Be sure to check your spam folder!
Click the link in the email to confirm your account and return to the login page.
If successful, a message will appear beneath the Profound.js logo: "Your account has been successfully verified."

No email? No problem! Contact support here.

Alternatively, follow the "Forgot your password?" steps to get your unique code and insert it at the end of this link:

After confirming your account, you will be able to login with the email address and password you registered with.

Upon logging in, you will see this screen with your account information and a table containing the history of any previous purchases or conversions. (This table will of course be empty if no purchases or conversions have taken place.)

Forgot your password? 

Click the "Forgot your password?" link below the "LOGIN" button to reach this screen:


Fill out your email address and click "CONFIRM EMAIL" to receive this notification.
Expect to receive an email within the next few minutes.


Click the link provided to reset your password.
If the provided link does not work, click "ALREADY HAVE YOUR CODE? CLICK HERE." on the "Forgot your password?" screen and use the special code provided at the end of the email.
This will allow you to change your password. 
Still no email? Contact support here. 



Adding a System

Before any conversions can take place, you must add a system and user to your account.
(A system must be added before a user can be added to use it.)

Start by clicking the "Manage Systems" link in the menu at the top of the screen. 
You will be brought to this screen:

Enter your system's name, serial number, and, optionally, a short description for your system in the fields on the right-hand side of the screen.

    • System names can be up to 8 characters long.
    • Valid serial numbers must be exactly 7 characters long.
      Please input your serial number without dashes.

When you're done, click the "ADD SYSTEM" button to add your system.
Multiple systems may be added to one account, but multiple accounts cannot share the same system (serial number).

If you need to change a system's details later on, you can do so by clicking the edit button (pencil icon ) next to that system in the Systems grid.
Systems can be deleted using the orange X icon ().
The edit users icon () will take you to the Manage Users screen with filters applied to only show users authorized to use that system.

Adding Users

Click "Manage Users" in the menu to reach this page.

To add a user, type a user name in the lower left field and select an existing system in the drop-down menu to the right of that. Click "ADD USER".

  • User names can be up to 10 characters long.

That user will now appear in the grid on the left with his or her associated system.
User-system relationships can be removed by clicking the orange X icon () next to their user name and associated system. 

All grids can be sorted, filtered, and searched by right-clicking the grid header and using the options there.
The users screen has alternate drop-down filtering options to the right side of the grid.

Now that you have registered your system and authorized users, you can run conversions!

Purchasing Credits

Click "Purchase Credits" in the menu to reach this page.

The grid on the left represents packages available for purchase, and the grid on the right represents your cart.

To add a package to your cart, press the blue plus icon () next to the package you want to add to your cart.
To change the quantity of a package already within your cart, you may use the increment ()  and decrement () buttons as well as the quantity text box () within the cart.
To remove all quantities of a package within the cart, click the orange cancel icon () on the line of the package you wish to remove.

*As of now, there is no functionality to purchase credits.

Transaction History

While the Home page does have a grid displaying your account transaction history, a more detailed view of these transactions is available on the "Transaction History" page.
This page can be accessed by clicking the "Transaction History" menu link.

Each tab offers a different view.
The first tab displays both purchase and conversion history.
The second tab displays only conversion history.
The third tab displays only credit purchase history.

There is also an "UPDATE TIME ZONE" button in case you suspect the time stamps do not reflect the correct times at which these transactions took place.
Simply click the button, select your time zone from a drop-down list, and click "OK" to update it.


Need help? For easy access, the "Support" link in the portal menu will open our support page in a new tab.

Logging Out

To log out, simply click "Log Out" in the portal menu.



We have an extensive guide in how to use the PJSCONVERT command: Using PJSCONVERT. You should also see Profound.js Converter Benefits to see the functionality available within the Converter.

Something to get familiar with are the Options available within PJSCONVERT:

  • Report dead code: This will print any unused variables or functions within the generated code into the messages list.
  • Remove dead code: This will act upon what the 'Report dead code' option produces and remove any code that is not used.
  • Modularize: Any existing JavaScript functions will be moved into their own files, which means they will be usable from other scripts too.
  • Create web services: This will create web service templates out of existing JavaScript functions. This option requires the Modularize option to be enabled.

The credit value of each conversion is based on how complex the source code is. Using these options may Change the value if they change the generated code.


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