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This guide will show you how to get up and running so you are able to use the PJSCONVERT command from your IBM i.


In order to use PJSCONVERT, you will need to have the following installed

  1. Profound UI - Minimum RequirementsInstalling Profound UI
  2. Profound.js (includes Node.js) - Installing PrerequisitesInstalling Profound.js

The PJSCONVERT command is shipped with Profound.js. To use the command, your IBM i must be connected to the internet.

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We have an extensive guide in how to use the PJSCONVERT command: Using PJSCONVERT. You should also see Profound.js Converter Benefits to see the functionality available within the Converter.

Something to get familiar with are the Options available within PJSCONVERT:

  • Report dead code: This will print any unused variables or functions within the generated code into the messages list.
  • Remove dead code: This will act upon what the 'Report dead code' report and remove any code that is not used.
  • Modularize: Any existing JavaScript functions will be moved into their own files, which means they will be usable from other scripts too.
  • Create web services: This will create web service templates out of existing JavaScript functions. This option requires the Modularize option to be enabled.

The credit value of each conversion is based on how complex the source code is. Using these options may Change the value if they change the generated code.


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