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The following is an RPG example of how to retrieve HTTP Apache Environment Variables:

The supported Environment Variables are:

PROFOUNDUI = Always set to '1' if running in the Profound UI session controller.
PUI_LANG = language ID that Profound UI is using (see International Language Support (Translations) for details)
REMOTE_ADDR = IP address of client
REMOTE_USER = UserID of client if supplied by the browser (REMOTE_USER is only set if the HTTP server is supplying authentication.  If you are using Kerberos/SSO, or using the /profoundui/auth/start URL in Profound UI, this should be set.)
HTTP_USER_AGENT = User-Agent string of the browser
HTTP_COOKIE = Cookies sent by the browser
DOCUMENT_ROOT = IFS directory of the Document Root for this HTTP server
SERVER_PORT = Port number that the HTTP server is running under

Most of these environment variables are only available when using the standalone Profound UI Rich Display session controller.  If you are using Genie, some of this information is available from the PUI0002300 program.

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