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This page describes how to set up Initial Programs and users by editing two database files.  The visual designer has a tool that maintains these files but you will need to manually edit these files if you are on a production system that does not include the designer.

Setting up Users

File PROFOUNDUI/PUI0001202 (users) can use a bit of explanation. This file allows for (in the future) assigning users into a group. Groups are currently not implemented. The “parent group” field should be set to 1 for all users. User ids 0 and 1 should not be used as they have special meaning and are reserved for internal use.

Setting Up Initial Programs

File PROFOUNDUI/PUI0001201 (initial programs) holds the initial programs for a user id. User id 0 in this file means that it is the “global” initial program that will be called if a user signs in that has no initial program assigned to his user id.

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