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On IBM i

Starting Instances

Profound.js instances can be set up at installation time to start automatically when TCP/IP is started.

To start all Profound.js instances, use this command:

To start an individual Profound.js instance, use the following command:

If the instance name is something other than PROFOUNDJS, substitute the instance name for PROFOUNDJS in the above command.

Ending Instances

To end all instances:

To end an individual instance named PROFOUNDJS manually:

On your local PC or another server

To start Profound.js on your local PC or a non-IBM i server using Node, or if you have opted not to control the instance using the STRTCPSVR/ENDTCPSVR commands, use the following command from your Profound.js installation directory:

In a Unix shell or a command prompt window, you can use Ctrl-C keyboard shortcut to end the process. 

If running on Windows, see Allowing Connections in Windows Firewall

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