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This method returns the value or contents of a grid cell.  The cell must be visible when this method is called.


  • row - the row number to retrieve the value from; when using events such as onrowclick, onrowdblclick, onrowmouseover, and onrowmouseout, the row variable is automatically passed into the event and can be used as the parameter to this method; row numbers start with row 1
  • col - the column number to retrieve the value from; the column numbers are zero-based (i.e. the first column* is column 0, the second column is column 1, etc.)

*Column 0 refers to the first column as established during design-time (in Visual Designer). If movable columns is true, then the user could change the column order. removeColumn(0) removes what was originally the first column, even if the user has moved that column.


The following expression can be assigned to the onrowclick event of a grid with an id of "subfile" to start a Google search using the value in the first column of the row being clicked:

Alternatively, an expression such as "handleRowClick(row)" can be assigned to the event, and the following function can be placed into an external JavaScript file:

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