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The ondragstart event activates when the user first starts to drag an element with the "allow drag" property set to true.  Information about the drag and drop operation is provided using the global pui.dragDropInfo object, which will contain the following properties:

  • dd element - reference to the drag and drop element being dragged
  • dd element id - the id of the drag and drop element
  • dd record number - the record number of the subfile record being dragged when the drag operation is being performed on a grid element
  • proxy - reference to the drag and drop proxy element; this will be the same as dd element if the "use proxy" property is not set
  • event - the browser's event object; this allows you to retrieve information such as mouse position
  • text - text description of the event


Draw a red border around an element once the user starts dragging it:

ondragstart: pui.dragDropInfo["dd element"].style.border = "2px solid red";

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