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Display files are converted one at a time using the "Convert" button on the menu ribbon within the visual designer.
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Simply enter the location of the green screen display file, select a conversion theme and click "Convert".

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Selecting and adjusting a theme is the key issue to a conversion project. Not only does the theme control the style/color of the panels, subfile grids, buttons and font, but it also allows the conversion process to make some intelligent decisions such as:


  • Search for ". . . :" and replace it with spaces (removing the "green screen" look of your screens)
  • Search for "(Y/N)" followed by a 1A 1A input field and convert the field to a checkbox
  • Search for an input field with a particular edit word and convert to a date field


If you have a large number of display files, setting up the theme correctly becomes very important as it can save you hundreds of hours of manual adjustments. Profound Logic can provide services to mass convert all your display file source which includes creating and configuring a theme.


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