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This method is used to call an ILE procedure using Profound.js fields as arguments.


  1. Argument / result definition - An object with the following properties:
    • srvpgm - A String containing the name of the service program to call. The service program name can be qualified with a library, otherwise the library list will be used to resolve the service program.
    • procedure - A String containing the name of the procedure to call. Keep in mind that ILE procedure names are case-sensitive. RPG procedure export names are typically in uppercase.
    • arguments (optional) - An array of argument definition objects with the following properties:
      • field - A string containing the Profound.js field name to pass
      • byRef - Set to Boolean true to pass the field by reference. Otherwise, the field will be passed by value.
    • result (optional) - A String containing a field name that will receive the procedure's return value

Exception Handling

An Error instance will be thrown with the following properties:

  • message - The IBM i message text.
  • error - The message id.
  • help - The message help text.



Call an RPG subprocedure with a parameter and a return value
Call subprocedure and pass parameters by reference


RPG Equivalent 



This API requires the Profound.js Connector module.


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