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5250 Web Enablement

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Give your green screen applications new life in web browsers

Give 5250 green screen applications new life with Genie

When modernizing RPG applications, you may opt to web-enable (also known as “screen scraping” or “refacing”) your 5250 applications. This approach gives green screens a modern look without investing heavily in development time and tools. Web-enabling 5250 applications can also act as a stopgap modernization solution until such a time that full modernization away from the 5250 stream is possible.

Profound Logic supports this approach with our Genie product. Genie provides on-the-fly green screen modernization with an intuitive, non-intrusive method for modernizing all of your RPG, CL, Cobol, menu, and system screens.

Need to quickly generate mobile versions of your 5250 screens? Check out our Mobile-enablement solution.



Benefits of Web-enabling Your Applications with Genie:

Future-proof Applications
Future-proof modernization through integration with the entire Profound UI Suite. Should you ever want to, you can convert existing applications to a Rich UI format that breaks away from the limitations of 5250 altogether, rather than just put a new face on top of your green-screens.

Accurate screen rendering
Genie supports the modernization of a 5250 commands that include intricate features such as STRPCCMD to launch windows applications from 5250 or the support of GUI elements represented right in your DDS code.

Greater design flexibility
Genie provides options to create applications with capabilities you never thought possible in a 5250 application


Fast Performance
Innovative technology guarantees very fast performance.  You can go from green-screen to a Web implementation of your application with virtually no noticeable difference in speed.

Product Screenshots

The Genie Administrator guides you through creating a custom skin for your refaced applications
The Genie Administration puts the HTML, CSS and JS code for your applications at your fingertips
Breathe new life into your RPG applications and add enhanced functionality with Genie
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