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Mobile-enabled Applications

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Access your IBM i applications instantly, from any mobile device

Mobile-enable your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) applications

In addition to web-enabling your applications when you need them to be quickly made available in web browsers, you can also mobile-enable your applications.

Doing this makes basic, refaced 5250 applications available in all mobile browsers and tablets without extensive development. Although there will be some limitations to functionality (for instance, integration with native device features like Camera will not be available), this solution is a good fit for companies making their first strides toward a modernized IBM i application environment.

You can mobile-enable your applications using the same tool you use for web-enablement: Genie. Genie provides a mobile tablet skin that enables you to format your screens for display in a mobile device. You can enhance your applications to use mobile-friendly features, like a function keyboard, slider buttons and drop-down menus.


Benefits of Mobile-enabling with Genie:

  • Fast, on-the-fly mobile availability of 5250 application
  • Add touchable links, tabs and buttons for greater usability
  • Access function keys with a function keyboard
  • Seamless integration with Profound UI for future modernization and development needs

Take mobile development to the next level with our Mobile Development Solutions!


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