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RPG Application Modernization

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Create modern web and mobile applications for today's workforce

Profound UI Modernization and Development Tool for IBM i

Modern, browser-based applications are the norm in businesses. It's no wonder why 5250 applications are viewed as being "old" or "outdated"! Now it's possible to demonstrate the power and reliability of the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) platform while giving end-users the modern applications they expect. 

Our RPG Application Modernization solution gives you the power to take your existing RPG applications off of the 5250 stream and onto Web and mobile devices. Our tools are easy enough to learn and use that you can modernize your own applications. However, if help is needed, we offer RPG Modernization Services.

Our solution includes:

  • Profound UI Visual Designer: A graphical, drag-and drop environment to build Web and mobile applications. It supplies over 100 rich Web and mobile widgets that add incredible functionality to your applications, without the need to learn HTML or CSS!
  • DDS Conversion Tool: Automate the conversion of DDS source files to Rich Display files (native IBM i objects that fully support Web browser interfaces). All ties to the 5250 character-based protocol will be eliminated and replaced with a rich user interface.
  • RPG OA Handler: Built-in functionality in Profound UI that outputs traditional RPG display operations as rich displays, meaning that you can code RPG in your accustomed manner, and the application will display in Web and mobile browsers.
  • Adding Genie to the mix ensures that any applications that are missing their source code can still be integrated with other modernized applications, and that developers can add modern elements to those applications.
  • Optionally, you can use Atrium to create modern drop-down, tabbed and accordion menus to replace clunky and outdated green-screen menus.

Benefits of RPG Application Modernization:

  • Make end users more productive and efficient, with applications that are easier to learn and use

  • Increase application adoption

  • Reduce application training time and costs

  • Extend the value of the IBM i platform to the modern workforce

  • Open-source framework eliminates vendor lock-in

Does your business have a large number of display records and need help with the modernization process? Check out our Full-system Modernization solution and Modernization Services.

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