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Website and E-commerce Development

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Create stateless applications and searchable web pages that drive your online business

Create stateless Web applications that drive your online business

Our Website and E-Commerce solution makes it easy to develop rich Web pages that are recognized by search engines (SEO). This solution alleviates much of the manual work required for stateless Web development.

How it works:

  • RPGsp (RPG Smart Pages) is an award-winning, rapid Web development environment that enables developers to reuse RPG assets and extend or create modern, Web-based applications and Web pages
  • Integration with Profound UI's Rich Development Tools ensures that RPGsp can be used with both a hand-coded HTML interface or a Dynamic HTML interface built using the Profound UI Visual Designer.
  • Adding Atrium allows you to create modern drop-down, tabbed and accordion menus in place of traditional, inefficient green-screen menus.


  • Wizards, templates and code snippets to support ease of use and a short learning curve
  • Support for dynamic fields and data-driven components
  • Full support for JavaScript, CSS, HTML, RPG, CL as well as XML, AJAX, and Web services
  • A unique compile technology performs up to four times faster than other native CGI technologies, such as CGIDEV2

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