Profound UI 4.1.0 Update

For Users of SyncJob() and RtvJobInfo() APIs for RPGsp/CGI programming.

The internals of these APIs have been updated for this release. While there is no need to change application source code or to recompile applications that use these APIs, users must ensure that programs are not referencing copies of the PUISYNCR service program (which contains the APIs) located outside of the Profound UI product installation library.

In the event that programs are referencing copies of the service program outside of the product installation library, the programs will not operate properly with Profound UI 4.1.0 due to out-of-date API internals.

Service program binding can be checked with the DSPPGM command. This can be run on any RPGsp, CGI, or other programs which use the APIs. The *SRVPGM detail screen of this command can be used to check the binding to the PUISYNCR service program.

Service program binding can use *LIBL, or can qualify the library for PUISYNCR. Note that the service program is actually resolved at RUN TIME, not at bind time.

Recommended Procedures

It is always recommended to use non-qualified binding for PUISYNCR and to use the calling job's library list to ensure that the appropriate version of PUISYNCR is located.

Copies of PUISYNCR should not be made in libraries other than Profound UI product installation libraries.

Note that RPGsp programs set their library list internally, meaning that this happens after they are called. When using immediate (as oppposed to deferred) service program activation, this means that RPGsp's internal library list mechanism cannot be used to reliably locate PUISYNCR as this must be on the library list BEFORE the RPGsp page is called by the HTTP server.

One option is to use the QIBM_CGI_ LIBRARY_LIST environment variable in the HTTP server to set the library list, see here.

This can be used in a separate http server, but should NOT be used in the Profound UI http server configuration.


Feel free to contact Profound Logic technical support with any questions:
+1 877 224 7768