Profound UI Version 3 Release Notes


All customers updating to Profound UI 3 from an earlier version should read this document.

In order to offer exciting new features, improve security, and boost performance, some areas of the product suite have been overhauled for this release. Some of these changes result in incompatibilities between versions 2 and 3.

In some cases, customers will have to make manual adjustments in order for applications to continue running normally under version 3. This document outlines these areas. All topics discussed here should be reviewed and addressed by all customers before updating to version 3.

Important: Any product updates should be installed first in a separate development/test environment before deploying to a live environment. This is especially true for major version updates.

For All Users

The http server configuration is significantly changed for this release. Customers will need to merge any customized http server configuration directives into the new version 3 default configuration.

For Users of Profound UI Genie

There are several changes that will affect all Profound UI Genie customers.

Changes for Genie Skins

Genie skins designed for Profound UI version 2 are NOT compatible with version 3 due to several changes in the format of Genie skins. Several manual modifications will be required to make a version 2 skin compatible with version 3:

Customers must perform these modifications on their skins before they will function in version 3. Any of the product-provided skins can be used as a guide. Alternatively, customers with current software maintenance can send in their skins to Profound Logic technical support. A support team member will perform the necessary modifications.

Changes for Field Column Assignments

In previous versions of Genie, the column numbers assigned to fields were "off by one" from the column numbers assigned in the DDS source code for display files. This position actually reflected the field's attribute byte position. In version 3, Genie will default to using column numbers which are consistent with the DDS source code. Since unique identifiers are based on the assigned row/column positions, any existing field references will fail in this mode. This includes any screen designer customizations and also JavaScript code which refers to field ids. A backwards compatibility mode is provided. Setting "adjust columns" can be set in the Genie Administrator. This will cause Genie to assign column numbers as in previous versions and will allow existing screen designer customizations and JavaScript coding to function normally.

Changes for JavaScript Coding

Changes that can affect JavaScript coding are as follows:

Changes for GScript

"GScript" for automating keystrokes in Genie is no longer supported. Any customers who are employing GScript must recreate the script in the new XML format which is used in version 3. No automated migration process is provided, however customers with current software maintenance can contact Profound Logic support for assistance in converting GScript to the new XML format.

For Users of Profound UI Atrium

Changes for Custom User Profiles

Atrium has been overhauled in this release to support enhanced security and various single sign on scenarios. In order to accommodate this, several changes have been made to the Atrium database. Most importantly, custom user profiles/passwords are no longer stored in the Atrium database. A validation list object is now used instead.

Important: Any Atrium customers with current software maintenance who are using profiles/passwords stored in the Atrium database (profiles which are NOT IBM i OS profiles) must contact Profound Logic support for migration assistance before installing Profound UI version 3. A support team member will assist in the process of transferring custom profiles/passwords from the old Atrium database into a validation list object. If Profound UI version 3 is installed before this is done, user password data will be lost with no possibility of recovery!

Also, it is no longer possible to use both IBM i and custom user profiles in the same Atrium database without customized HTTP configuration. Profound Logic recommends to install separate instances of Profound UI to work with separate user repositories.

Atrium users who are only using IBM i OS profiles can update to version 3 with no manual migration of user profiles.

Changes for Genie Macros

To enhance security, Atrium no longer captures the user's password on sign on. This means that the "user password" option that was previously used to sign into Genie is no longer supported, or even required. Sign into Genie is now automated using standard HTTP authentication protocols. Portions of Genie macros that attempt to manipulate the sign on screen should be removed as the sign on screen is entirely bypassed in the 5250 session. It will only appear if the SIGNOFF command is run in the job to end the session.

For Users of Profound UI Rich Display File Development

There are no incompatibilities between version 2 and 3 for Profound UI's Rich Display File Designer, Open Access Handler, or DDS Conversion tool. No manual adjustments will be required to applications created or converted with these tools.

Profound Logic Support

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