Profound UI 4.1.7 Update

Conversion of Genie Designer Files to Strict JSON Format

In order to facilitate server-side processing of Genie Designer (.scn) and (.lst) files in future releases, the installation process in versions 4.1.7 or later will convert all files to strict JSON format at install/update time. Before modifying the files in a Genie skin, the process will first create a backup directory in the Genie skin as follows:

DOCUMENT_ROOT/profoundui/userdata/genie skins/SKIN_NAME/screens_TIME_STAMP

In the event of any issues with the file conversion, the original files can be restored from the backup.

The installation process will create an empty file which will indicate that files are already converted, so that the process does not run for each update installation moving forward. The file is located here:

DOCUMENT_ROOT/profoundui/userdata/genie skins/files_converted

This file should not be removed unless it's desired to force re-conversion of all files. Although running the conversion on already converted files is harmless, this will degrade performance of the update/installation process.

Manual File Conversion After Installation

It may be necessary to manually convert Genie Designer files after an installation. For example, when moving (.scn) and (.lst) files from an older installation of Profound UI / Genie to an 4.1.7 or later installation.

For this case, a CL command PUIFIXJSON is provided. This command can be used to force re-conversion of all files in an installation, by calling like this:


The default product library is PROFOUNDUI. The default document root directory is /www/profoundui/htdocs, although either of these can be customized during installation.


Feel free to contact Profound Logic technical support with any questions:
+1 877 224 7768