Profound Logic Celebrates 25 Years with a Transformative Gift: Profound AI 

Profound Logic Celebrates 25 Years with a Transformative Gift: Profound AI

Empowering Businesses with a Groundbreaking Free AI Platform

June 24, 2024 – Newport Beach, CAIn celebration of its 25th anniversary, Profound Logic, a trailblazer in AI-enhanced futurization, is excited to announce the gift of Profound AI, a pioneering AI platform, to the IBM i community. This gesture highlights the company’s dedication to fostering innovation and collaboration within the technology landscape. Profound AI is not just a tool but a transformational force in enterprise computing, designed for seamless AI integration into business applications.  

We believe it is essential for companies running IBM i to leverage AI and not get left behind; AI is changing the business world, and the economy as we know it and companies must start working with AI today, not tomorrow. Lastly, lots of our customers are letting us know that they are unsure how and where to start with AI, so we are helping them figure that out.

Distinguished by its multi-LLM support, live data interaction, and an IBM i-first approach, Profound AI is a unique offering. The platform is user-friendly with simple steps for implementation—select a model, configure the AI agent, and deploy directly into existing applications—making it accessible for developers at all skill levels. 

Value of Profound AI: 

  • Enhance Transformation of Applications with an All-Encompassing Solution 
  • Versatile Implementation Across Business Functions 
  • Simplified AI Integration and Strategic Data Utilization 
  • Automation of Routine Operations with Flexible and Secure Data Access 
  • Cost-Effective Introduction with Scalable Support 


Profound AI revolutionizes business interactions with advanced natural language processing, allowing it to understand and respond to user inquiries conversationally. Its seamless integration into existing applications coupled with scalable architecture ensures it grows alongside your business, supporting an increasing array of interactions and complexities. 


Alex Roytman, CEO and Founder of Profound Logic, states, “Providing Profound AI as a gift reflects our profound gratitude towards the community that has supported our growth. This initiative isn’t just about launching a product—it’s about sharing a transformative tool that improves how businesses operate, innovate, and serve their customers. Profound AI embodies our commitment to helping you unlock the full potential of AI, enhancing your applications and business processes at no cost.” 

To download Profound AI, visit This offer is our way of thanking our community and enabling businesses to experience the transformative benefits of AI without financial barriers. In addition, Profound Logic is offering various tiers of support to meet the unique needs of every business.  

About Profound Logic   

Profound Logic is the only IBM i technology partner that takes you beyond modernization and into AI-enhanced futurization. For over 25 years, we’ve equipped IT teams with cutting-edge solutions in natural language AI, system transformation, API creation/management, and application development. With Profound Logic, the future is flexible, and coexistence is always built-in.  

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Profound AI: Empower your Business with AI, Our Gift to You.

In celebration of our 25th anniversary, we are elated to offer the transformative gift of Profound AI to the IBM i community! Ready to experience the power of Profound AI? Click the button below to get started!