Legacy Modernization with Profound Logic

Profound Logic can help to modernize your legacy applications. A legacy application is an outdated software program that many businesses still use. The application has been built using an old operating system or hardware platform. For instance, a mainframe application can be considered a legacy application when the world switches to client/server networks. Windows 3.1 applications became legacy applications when Windows 95 was born, and DOS applications running on 32-bit Windows OS are also considered legacy applications. In essence, standalone applications that are not yet Internet-enabled are also legacy applications.

Why Do Legacy Applications Still Exist?

Many organizations find it challenging to let go of their legacy applications because they run critical aspects of the business such that replacing them can hinder their operations. Others don’t want to modernize due to the cost that comes with it and the need to re-train the staff. However, many don’t realize that if they continue to rely on these legacy applications and newer technologies arrive (which is happening already and at a quick pace), these old applications can completely ruin the business and are more expensive to have in the long run. Maintenance of these applications is almost impossible due to the lack of expertise in the field. Those who have created the applications have either retired or moved to another company. There are two main types of legacy applications. The first is legacy applications critical to a business that can damage the company if not refreshed or modernized. The second is those applications that, despite being outdated, can still work at par even today. The focus of legacy modernization is mainly for the first type of legacy application mentioned.

How Does an Application Qualify for Legacy Modernization?

Your legacy application needs to undergo modernization when: 1. Your current system can no longer receive maintenance support 2. Your application is no longer compatible with newer technologies that your company needs to use 3. Your application is no longer available for purchase 4. Your application causes bottlenecks in your company’s operations Have any of these? Profound Logic can help modernize legacy applications.

What are the Benefits of Legacy Modernization?

Besides making sure that old applications don’t ruin your company, legacy modernization offers the following benefits: 1. Future-proof your business New and improved systems are leaving behind legacy applications for a reason. Compatibility is a major hindrance you will experience if you have tons of legacy applications that haven’t been modernized yet. Even if your applications are doing the day-to-day job, you need to think about the company’s future. There will come a time that an issue will arise, and your legacy system will not be ready to handle it. By modernizing your applications, you can address compatibility issues and ensure that your business is future-ready. 2. Increase productivity It is possible that legacy applications already present specific issues that hinder your staff from doing their jobs, which lowers their productivity. Modern applications are easier to diagnose and can receive security patches as needed. If you modernize your legacy applications, it will solve these issues and boost your company’s productivity. 3. Improve brand reputation With higher productivity, you can provide better products and services. You can also quickly address the needs of your customers. Therefore, it leads to a domino effect of making your brand better in the eyes of many. With a better brand name, you can get better brand loyalty, increase your customer base, and maximize your return on investment.

Profound Logic Ways to Modernization and Transformation?

1. Profound 360 Analysis Identify your business goals and create a game plan for system modernization. Profound 360° Analysis Service inspects business systems, architecture, and applications. 2. Architecture Analysis Your architectural practices and coding standards should include a well-designed SQL database with security and integrity. 3. IBM i System Documentation Service Document all aspects of your IBM i application environment and guarantee accurate knowledge transfer with Profound Logic. 4. Flexible IBM i Source Code Transformation Reduce costs and replace retiring developers by converting legacy IBM i (AS400) RPGLE source code to Node.js or free-format RPG. 5. IBM i UX Modernization Service Profound Logic will rapidly transform IBM i green screens into web and mobile interfaces, reducing technical debt and improving the overall perception of your applications in the business. 6. Database Modernization Modernize underlying databases for more secure, reliable, scalable, and manageable applications. Profound Logic services for Database Modernization prepare your business for the Cloud and beyond.

Get Started with Legacy Modernization Today!

The rapid technological change is making a lot of applications obsolete faster. To catch up with its velocity, you need to adapt quickly to the times and find cost-effective methods. At Profound Logic, we recognize your needs for legacy applications, and we have the expertise to help you modernize without hindering the critical processes of your business. Don’t let your legacy applications hold your company back from maximizing its potential. If you don’t know where to start with your outdated software, or you don’t know if you let these applications go, consult with us today! Call us at 877-224-7768 or email us at sales@profoundlogic.com.

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