Low-Code/No-Code API Management Tool for IBM i


Profound Logic announces Profound API: The fastest way to unlock IBM i data & business logic.

Profound Logic (www.profoundlogic.com), the leader in IBM i innovation and transformation solutions for over 20 years, has just released a low-code/no-code API development and management platform called Profound API.

Profound API is a complete toolset to create, deploy and manage modern REST web services and turn your IBM i Systems of Record into Systems of Engagement. Ensure your APIs meet modern standards without “host based” screen scraping or outdated protocols, which can add to your business’s technical debt.

“There is an ever-increasing pressure on IT to deliver new applications across multiple systems, and we saw room in the market for a low-code solution that could save our customers time and money,” explained Alex Roytman, Founder and CEO of Profound Logic. “APls are the bridge that make modern, scalable, and portable business systems possible,”

Build, Deploy and Manage API on AS400 with Open Source Technologies

Future Proof your Business Profound API helps your business stay competitive and increases business agility by leveraging API to connect end users to critical business data anytime, anywhere. Profound API will:

  • Elevate Development’s Transformation Foundation- Decrease the cost and complexity of creating and maintaining IBM i API, while increasing the effectiveness of application development by including API as a foundational piece of building business applications
  • Eliminate Data Silos- Easily integrating disparate applications and connecting departments across the entire organization
  • Create New Business Opportunities- Open new streams of revenue by easily and seamlessly integrating IBM i with non-IBM i systems, like Salesforce, AWS, and more
  • Streamline Automatic Documentation- Automatically document and publish IBM i API interfaces with built-in Swagger OpenAPI support, without needing to learn the specifics of either
  • Skip EDI Implementation- Reduce the cost and time of implementing or replacing EDI and go straight to API

Because Profound API is built on top of the Profound.jsFramework, a package that extends the capabilities of Node.js, developers have the ability to code Profound API to handle any type of service, easily integrate NPM packages, and build logic into the module that you call from AS400 programs.

“It is more important than ever for IT teams to strategically situate API at the core of new application development and reimagine their process of business application development,” Roytman said. “Without a tool like Profound API, your REST APIs can quickly become outdated, lost, or unused. We are so excited to add Profound API to our integrated suite of products and services, and we know it will help all types of businesses get ahead of the competition.”

To learn more about our solutions and services and to contact our professional team, visit www.profoundlogic.com.


About Profound Logic 

Profound Logic delivers innovation and transformation within reach. We are the only IBM i modernization partner with a fully integrated solution stack to solve today’s complex business challenges. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped you innovate for the future through application modernization, integration, and development. Profound Logic Solutions support flexible code transformation, system integration and API modernization, rapid application and low code development, application interface and database modernization, and professional services and staff augmentation.

We have offices in Ohio, California, Wisconsin, and Mississippi, in addition to partners located around the world. Learn more at www.profoundlogic.com or contact us at 877-224-7768.


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