Profound Logic Elevates IBM i Modernization with Enhanced Security and OAuth2 Authentication Support

Users can now extend their trust in their Profound API server with new strengthened security measures. 

October 4th, 2023 – Irvine, CA – Profound Logic, a leading provider of cutting-edge modernization solutions for IBM i systems, is proud to announce two transformative updates to its Profound.js platform, designed to bolster security and enhance business efficiency. 

Strengthened Security in Profound.js/API 7: 

Profound Logic reaffirms its dedication to safeguarding businesses with essential security enhancements in Profound.js/API 7: 

  • New License Key: Version 7 and beyond now require a new license key, delivering heightened compatibility and security for our valued existing customers. 
  • User-Defined Encryption Keys: Profound.js Version 7 introduces user-defined encryption keys, fortifying data security by replacing the previous built-in encryption key. 
  • Enhanced Authentication: PJSCALL and proxy program connections now demand unique security keys for IBM i systems, elevating the authentication standards. 

The Purpose Behind Security Enhancements: 

These updates are driven by Profound Logic’s unwavering commitment to prioritizing security, ensuring that user data remains protected, and businesses are fortified against emerging threats. 

Empowering Business with OAuth2 Authentication in Profound.js 7.0.0: 

Profound Logic is also thrilled to introduce OAuth2 authentication support in Profound.js Version 7.0.0, empowering businesses to extend trust in their Profound API server. 

Key Business Benefits of OAuth2 Authentication: 

  • Seamless User Experience: OAuth2 simplifies user access to websites and services, eliminating the need for new account setups or additional credentials, boosting user satisfaction and engagement. 
  • Enhanced Security: OAuth2 authentication leverages trusted identity providers, ensuring robust security practices, a pivotal aspect for businesses that prioritize data protection and regulatory compliance. 
  • Efficient Integration: The need for trust mechanisms between services and Profound APIs is eliminated, resulting in significant time and resource savings. 

This dual enhancement underscores Profound Logic’s unwavering commitment to providing secure, business-friendly modernization solutions for IBM i systems. 


About Profound Logic 

Profound Logic is the only IBM i technology partner that takes you beyond modernization and into futurization, empowering you to transition into the demands of tomorrow. For more than 22 years we have helped IT teams embrace the future with industry-leading solutions for system transformation, API creation/management, application development and more. The future is flexible with Profound Logic.  

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