For more than 22 years, we’ve helped IT teams embrace the future with industry-leading solutions for system transformation, API creation/management, application development, and more.

Profound Logic is the only IBM i technology partner that takes you beyond modernization and into futurization, empowering you to transition into the demands of tomorrow. The future is flexible with Profound Logic.

A History of Profound Logic


Profound Logic is Founded by Alex Roytman

Alex infuses his vision of creating innovative products for application development and business transformation into the IBM world.

RPGsp GUI logo

Profound releases award-winning RPG development tool.

RPG Alive offers customers a powerful, easy-to-use graphical development environment for working with RPG, CL, and DDS programs.

green screen to web based

Profound launches first RPG-to-Web conversion tool

This ground-breaking tool converts 90% of existing green-screen RPG code to CGI Web applications.


Profound UI is the first comprehensive suite for IBM i application modernization.

Profound UI Mobile Editor

Profound Mobile Robust IBM i Mobile Development allows customers to rapidly design and deploy mobile applications, even if you aren’t an expert at mobile development.


Profound.js is a low-code, JavaScript/Node.js solution that runs on all platforms and is built specifically for developers. It is the first true, low-code platform to run natively on IBM i, with full RPG/DB2 integration, helping companies on IBM i move into the future, without losing years of IT investment.

nodejs logo to illustrate profound utilizing node

Profound Takes on the Cloud

Profound's cloud-based development environment, expanding its Node.js footprint and beginning to implement low-code into all offerings.

profound api dashboard example

Profound Logic releases Profound API, a Profound.js-based API solution for enterprise development

orders and payment example built in Profound.js spaces

This low-code enterprise development platform is based in Node.js, as well as additional language support for code transformation.

the future is flexible

If your technology can't bend it will eventually break. Profound futurizes your tech stack so you can transition into the demands of tomorrow.

can ai breathe new life into IBM i applications

Empowering businesses to leverage AI on IBM i to enhance data