Can AI breathe new life into IBM i?

AI Assistants are the future.

Futurize the way you interact with your applications with Profound Logic.

AI offers endless possibilities, but how does it relate to IBM i? We have asked ourselves the same question here at Profound Logic.

We are committed to keeping your business lightyears ahead of the competition, which is why we have been testing the limits of AI and exploring its ability to add value to real world enterprise applications.

90% of IT teams want to leverage AI with their internal applications but have concerns about security and questions around implementation.
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AI Assistants are the future.

90% of IT teams want to leverage AI with their internal applications but have concerns about security and questions around implementation.

Profound AI is not just a tool

it’s a transformation. Our platform enables you to create and deploy AI-powered assistants that are tailored to your unique business needs, enhancing productivity and user experience across the board.

With Profound AI, you can enhance your legacy applications with natural language AI assistants in just 3 steps.

Choose your LLM model

Configure your AI Agent

Deploy to your Application

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Customization at Its Core:

Design AI assistants that align perfectly with your internal processes and workflows.

Advanced Natural Language Processing:

Use cutting-edge NLP technology ensures your assistants understand and respond to queries in a natural, conversational manner.

Effortless Integration:

Seamlessly integrate AI assistants into your existing applications, whether they're on the web or mobile platforms.

Scalability for Success:

As your business grows, Profound AI grows with you, supporting an increasing number of interactions and complexities.

Insightful Analytics:

Track the performance of your AI assistants and gain valuable insights into user interactions through our comprehensive logs.

Why Profound AI?

How Profound AI can help with your IBM i Applications

Overall, integrating AI assistants with IBM i systems can modernize and enhance the capabilities of these robust platforms, providing significant value to businesses and users alike.

Here are just a few examples of what becomes possible when you connect AI to your IBM i applications.

Operational efficiency improvements:

For example: Imagine AI being able to listen to audible inventory counts and log the data in real-time.

Faster Insights:

Imagine asking your application directly "Which raw materials are we having the hardest time keeping in stock this quarter?" And getting an accurate answer in seconds.

Reduced learning curves:

Imagine new team members being able to add value faster by enabling them to speak naturally to your internal applications.

We discovered that there are three problems IT teams need to solve in order to connect AI with their internal applications.

The good news is, we are able to do all of this for you!

Because this is done with our frameworks and processes, it is natively secure, stable, and scalable.

If you would like to explore these benefits for your company, fill out the form below to apply to our AI / IBM i accelerator program.

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