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Deliver business value through innovation. Integrating IBM i and Non-IBM i systems. Rapidly deploying low code Node.js solutions to make modernization and development faster.
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Your IBM i (AS/400) has been essential to your business for years…

Flexible Code Transformation is a service that gives businesses an automated approach to converting legacy IBM i RPG source code to Node.js or truly modern RPG. With this service, you can start your Node journey right away and avoid the long, expensive, and risky cycles that Java or .NET refactoring will cause to your business.

We also offer a transformation of fixed RPG to Truly Modern RPG. This service not only converts fixed format RPG to free format, it also includes – modularization of monolithic RPG, removal of dead code, automatic fix of Goto’s, and going to “Fully Free”, not just free format.

Profound Logic is the only partner that provides a unified development environment for all its solutions. This not only addresses legacy code but future development as well.

 continuous improvement

Profound Logic is the only IBM i transformation partner with a fully integrated solutions stack to solve today’s business challenges, prepare you for the future, and leverage existing IT investments where possible.

For over 20 years, our mission has been to deliver business value through innovative technology and talent.

Our solutions enable you to:

  • Ensure project success from the start by aligning business and IT requirements
  • Plan for the future by discovering “what is possible”
  • Hit your transformation targets by defining a strategy
  • Maximize value and minimize risk with an iterative, agile approach
  • Get your projects done on-time and on-budget with the ideal transformation partner

Our solutions

Profound Logic provides a range of products, services, and staffing options to meet business requirements, implement modernization programs, and deliver value faster and at a lower risk than total system rewrite or replacement.

Our solutions support your technology initiatives in three key areas:

Modernization & Transformation

  • Thoroughly analyze business systems, architecture, and applications
  • Automate the transformation of your legacy source code to truly modern Node.js and RPG with proven technologies and services
  • Turn green screens into truly modern user interfaces with award-winning development tools

Integration & API Development

  • Successfully adopt new systems and technologies with integrated and portable business systems
  • Ensure robust, stable, and secure API development
  • Turn your Systems of Record into Systems of Engagement with REST Web Services
  • Vastly increase time to market for new application development
  • Keep end-users happy by quickly enhancing applications
  • Support remote workers with mobile applications
  • Deploy applications faster with low code solutions

These solutions fit together to support seamless, scalable, and agile IT initiatives. They give you the ability to address technical debt with quick “wins”, such as UI modernization, while offering robust options for enterprise-wide development, integration, and transformation.

Let’s discuss your modernization roadmap:


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Discover Profound API

Push digital transformation to the next level and reduce time to market for new technology today by utilizing the world of JavaScript with Profound Logic.

Profound API is a complete toolset to create, deploy and manage modern REST web services and turn your IBM i Systems of Record into Systems of Engagement. You can ensure your API meet modern standards without “host based” screen scraping or outdated protocols, which can add to your business’s technical debt.

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