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Deliver modern browser-based IBM i applications.

In this download, you will have access to all of the tools Profound UI offers, including Genie and Profound Mobile.

You will be able to:

  • Instantly web-enable your screens and add graphical features
  • Transform existing RPG applications into fully browser-based GUI apps
  • Develop new web and mobile applications
  • Design Web & Mobile interfaces
  • Build Back-End Logic
  • Deploy Seamlessly

Profound.js is required for Profound API. Please select both when filling out the form.

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Join Us at Common's POWERUp 2024 in Fort Worth, May 20-23!

Discover the future of IBM i technology in can’t-miss sessions with Brian May and Alex Roytman. Connect directly with our visionary team, including CEO Alex Roytman, at Expo Booth 204. Explore all the sessions we’re hosting or secure your spot now. 

Profound Logic POWERUp sessions: 

  •  Monday, May 20th:
    • 10:15 AM CDT: Maintaining an IBM i Development Staff in a Changing World – Led by Brian May 
  •  Tuesday, May 21st: 
    • 9:15 AM CDT: Intro to Modern Application Integration via API – Led by Brian May 
  • Thursday, May 23rd:
    • 9:15 AM CDT: Breaking Up a Monolith – Led by Brian May 
    • 10:30 AM CDT:  Supercharge your IBM i Applications with AI – Led by Alex Roytman