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Profound API, Low-Code and Product Updates Announced at PLUS 2020

December 9, 2020

Get access to over 4 hours of education from our experts Alex Roytman, Scott Klement, Brian May and Mike VanHorn with our PLUS 2020 sessions.

IBM i Transformation Risks Every Business Leader Should Know

August 26, 2020

Monolithic code, retiring developers, managing decades of patches and quick fixes… These common roadblocks can pose significant risks to the future of your business.

Node.js Webinar Series Pt. 3: Connect Users to Vital Business Data

March 25, 2020

One of the top requests end users have for IT is to have easier access to business data. Too often, business data is locked away in disparate databases and platforms, as well as managed by different development teams.

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Node.js Webinar Series Pt. 2: Setting Up Your Development Tools
October 23, 2019

In Part 2 of our free Node.js Webinar Series, Brian May teaches you the different tooling options available for writing code, debugging, and using Git for version control.

Node Webinar Series Pt. 1: The World of Node.js on IBM i
August 28, 2019

Part 1 of our free Node.js Webinar Series will teach you what Node.js is, why it’s a great option for IBM i shops, and how to take advantage of the ecosystem surrounding Node.

Adding Professional Services for Sure-Fire Project Success
March 25, 2019

For businesses on IBM i, modern GUIs are a good starting point, but today’s users expect so much more. In order to stay relevant and competitive, you need a holistic modernization approach that includes mobile, Node.js and open source development, and to digitally transform your systems to integrate new technologies like AI, IoT, and blockchain.

Responsive Layouts in Profound UI Version 6
September 19, 2018

Profound UI’s new Responsive Layout widget removes the mystery, and the code when creating responsive applications using the new CSS Grid support recently implemented in all major browsers.


Deliver Modern IBM i Business Apps with Profound UI Version 6
July 11, 2018

Whether you want to modernize existing RPG applications or develop brand new IBM i (AS400) applications, you can do it with Profound UI.


Make Modern Apps You’ll Love with Profound UI & Profound.js
February 14, 2018

Whether you have green screens or a drab GUI, your outdated apps can benefit from modern source code, modern GUIs, and modern tools.

Profound.js 2.0: Extend the Power of Node to your IBM i Applications
June 28, 2017

We demonstrate how Profound.js 2.0 enables you to easily adopt Node.js in your business, and to take advantage of the many benefits of Node, including access to a much larger pool of developers for IBM i and access to countless reusable open source code packages on npm (Node Package Manager).


Making Rich Application Interfaces Responsive
March 22, 2017

In this webinar, Brian May demonstrates techniques in the Profound UI Visual Designer and uses custom CSS to make your applications more responsive.


Profound.js: The Agile Approach to Legacy Modernization
October 12, 2016

In this webinar, we unveil a completely new and unique way to modernize your legacy applications.


See What’s New in Profound UI 5.3
February 17, 2016

Lead developer David Russo gives a hands-on demonstration of all-new features including:

  • The new RPG Open Access Handler for Genie (On-The-Fly Modernization)
  • Creating Multi-group Menus and Library Lists in the Atrium portal product
  • Using the new Filter-and-Find feature in Profound UI’s Visual Designer
  • And more!


Rapidly Develop RPG Mobile Apps with Profound Mobile
September 30, 2015

Learn how to mobilize your business in this Webinar featuring IBM Champion Scott Klement and Profound Logic Marketing Director Amanda Blackburn.

  • Preserve and re-use your existing business logic and source code
  • Deploy secure applications for any mobile device
  • Build one application for all platforms, including Apple and Android

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