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Dive into the topics that will help shape your business’s approach to legacy AS400 modernization and transformation

the cost of technical debt

It’s likely that you’ve heard the term “Technical Debt” before. But what does technical debt mean, and how does it impact your business – especially businesses that have legacy systems, like AS/400?

The most common impacts of technical debt on business are:

  • Higher total cost of ownership
  • Longer time to market
  • Reduced agility
  • Negative customer experience
  • Poor security
  • Lost revenue
    IBM i Modernization Developer Guide

    Node.js for Enterprise IBM i Modernization

    If your business is thinking about modernizing your legacy IBM i (also known as AS/400 or iSeries) applications, you will want to read this white paper first! Download this paper and learn how Node.js can ensure that you modernize on-time and on-budget.

    IBM i Modernization Developer Guide

    Developer Kit: Making a Business Case for Modernization and Beyond

    Having trouble getting management approval for modernization projects? This Developer Kit provides you study-backed data and a ready-to-use business case template to help get your very next development project approved!

    2019 State of IBM i Modernization

    With a record number of nearly 800 IBM i professionals participating, we discovered the top challenges faced on the platform, how businesses plan to modernize in 2019 and more!

    Node.js: The Future of Application Development

    In this White Paper, we highlight four key factors that we believe make Node.js the future of business application development, especially if you’re on the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries).

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    Common IBM i Mobile Development Challenges
    Read this free white paper, and learn how you can overcome the most common challenges to mobile for IBM i shops.

    The 2017 State of IBM i Modernization
    After surveying 500+ professionals, we discovered the state of IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) modernization in today’s businesses and their goals for the future, the effecet legacy applications have on the business’ internal and external processes, and more.

    2016 State of IBM i Modernization
    After surveying 400+ IBM i professionals, we discovered the #1 concern upper managers have with the IBM i, how to combat it, and more!