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Profound API: Make your enterprise connected, portable, and cloud-ready

As a business that runs on IBM i, you may wonder what the future looks like for the platform and your enterprise applications. With Profound API, cloud enablement, integration with other business systems, and implementation of new technologies, like AI, are all within reach.

What is Profound API?

Profound API is a solution to deliver the connected, portable, and cloud-ready applications your business needs. We harness the power of Node.js to work natively with your IBM i, opening application possibilities that were impossible until now.

Easily and properly integrate IBM i with other non-IBM i systems, like Salesforce, Watson, and Amazon


Ensure both application scalability and durability

Build API the correct and modern way by avoiding “screen scraping” API solutions that will only add technical debt

Confidently take your business applications to the cloud

Thanks to Profound API, our applications are now incredibly seamless, flexible, and dynamic. Since rolling out our Node.js apps, we have significantly improved the business’s perception about the IBM i platform.”

Trevor McCullough


Take advantage of Profound API by using Profound.js