Profound API:

Easily create, deploy and manage REST API

Develop and deploy REST web services with a Low Code, flexible, and secure toolset
for API development and management

With Profound API, you will be able to:

Quickly create, categorize, and expose API

Easily and properly integrate IBM i with other non-IBM i systems, like Salesforce, IBM Watson, and Amazon AWS


Analyze all APIs system-wide and allow other systems to find and call API

Build API the correct and modern way by avoiding “screen scraping” API solutions that will only add technical debt

Quickly find, maintain, and test any API within the designer and built-in dashboard


 Easily document API without experience with Swagger

Securely connect and extend data with Profound API

Businesses are using more applications and creating more data than ever before. Unfortunately, this volume and how the applications are designed and managed can create data silos.

APls (Application Programming Interfaces) are the bridge that make modern, scalable, and portable business systems possible.

Profound API is a complete toolset to create, deploy and manage modern REST web services and turn your IBM i Systems of Record into Systems of Engagement. You can ensure your API meet modern standards without “host based” screen scraping or outdated protocols, which can add to your business’s technical debt.

Built-in API dashboard
See statistics, find errors, and address performance issues in real-time

  • Rapid API development – Create new API with a minimal amount of coding
  • Comprehensive toolset – Easily search, manage, and document API within a single product
  • Built-in API dashboard – See real-time statistics, find errors, and address performance issues in real-time
  • Integrated development – Profound API seamlessly integrates with Profound.js for no-code/lowcode applications
  • Rapid API deployment – One click deployment to an API store (searchable list of API)
  • Flexibility – Create new API, integrate existing API, and deploy API for both IBM i and non-IBM i applications
  • CRUD generator – Takes no code to write manually, only a small about of code is required to get started
  • Automated documentation – Automatically document and publish API interfaces with built-in Swagger OpenAPI support, without needing to learn the specifics of either


Start creating REST Web Services with Profound API today:


Thanks to Profound API, our applications are now incredibly seamless, flexible, and dynamic. Since rolling out our Node.js apps, we have significantly improved the business’s perception about the IBM i platform.”

Trevor McCullough