LGBTQIA+ Pride at Profound Logic 

two people wearing pride flags
profound logic logo with rainbow colors for pride

Hi, welcome and happy Pride to my fellow queer folk! My name is Miranda VanHorn(she/her), and I am the director of Marketing at Profound Logic and a proud bisexual woman. I mention this because for me, I wanted to work in a place that not just tolerates but celebrates LGBTQIA+ folks every month of the year. It was essential for me to not be the only queer person at the company, and there wasn’t always a great way for me to check that while researching companies to apply to 

This article will hopefully serve as confirmation that Profound Logic follows through on its promise to support our community 

I have never felt I needed to hide or minimize who I am with my coworkers at Profound. When I married my wife, my team celebrated, and there was no problem with me taking time off 

As a white, cis woman, I know I have a lot of privileges when it comes to safety and support in the workplace 

But I am certainly not the only LGBTQIA+ person at Profound Logic. 

Happy Pride from the Digital Solutions Team! 

My name is Kaylee(she/her), I work in Digitial Solutions at Profound Logic, and I am a proud Trans woman.  

When I first joined Profound Logic, I considered myself an ally for LGBTQIA+ rights, but I had not yet discovered the journey I would be embarking upon. Several years later, I realized that I no longer identified with the gender I was assigned at birth, and I started preparing my life for transitioning.   


Coming out at home with friends and some family was easy, but I had dreaded coming out at work. My position at the time, not only had me communicating with coworkers, but also had me speaking and meeting with customers daily. I met with Alex, CEO of Profound Logic, and my direct supervisor to review my plan to come out to the rest of the company and any issues that might arise. They were supportive and promised to be there if any issues did arise 

The next day I emailed the entire company, and to my surprise, many people reached out individually to share their support of me and my bravery to be true to myself. I changed my name and included pronouns in all my correspondence, email, and otherwise and even some of my coworkers changed their email signatures to have their pronouns in a sign of solidarity  


While I expected the support of my coworkers, I did fear that a customer might take some offense to me coming out publicly, but I was pleasantly surprised in this case too. To this day, not a single customer has raised my gender identity, or my transitioning as an issue when working with me. 

I am so grateful that Profound was so accepting of me and who I am becoming because the thought of trying to interview for a new job with a new gender identity terrifies me. 


To back up our promise of creating a space and supportive space for LGBTQIA+ folks, Profound Logic has donated to the LGBTQ Center of OC. 


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