Profound.js Framework Update 5.8.0


Profound.js Framework 5.8.0 (Current Release) Release Date: 02/15/2022 – Profound.js Framework update adding the ability to generate Low-Code Modules in the IDE. Module transformation process improvements. Extra abilities for Profound APU calls. Several enhancements and bug fixes below.

Profound.js Framework

  • Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 17.0 is required for this release.
  • Added the ability to generate Low-Code Modules from a database table or view from the Database tab in the IDE.
  • Improved performance of module transformation process.
  • Added the ability to have a Custom Authentication module/function for all Profound API calls.
  • Fixed bug: “credentialsFile” property was not working with ODBC connection to IBM i, due to breaking change in IBM i ACS ODBC driver version for IBM i, Linux, and Mac.
  • Eliminated use of deprecated require.extensions feature.
  • Added pjs.getInt() and pjs.setInt() APIs.
  • Enhancement: enable support for Data Structure parameter in low-code plugins “Call IBM i Program” and “Call Service Program Procedure” . This enhancement requires Profound UI release later than 6.16.0.
  • Enhancement: enable logging of Profound.js performance for various call methods, to be stored in a .csv file per session. The Profound UI-related parts of this enhancement requires Profound UI release later than 6.16.0.
  • Added ability to set environment variables when starting server on IBM i with STRTCPSVR.

Profound API

  • Fixed invalid code generation when multi-line SQL query is entered on Custom SQL plug-in.

Profound.js Rich Display

  • Fixed bug: EJS would not load for HTML Container widgets that used bound fields with lower case field names.

Check here for more bug fixes and product updates.

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