Profound Values Recognition Award March 2022

We honor our award winners here at Profound Logic with Profound Values Recognition Award.

This March’s winner has been interviewed: David Russo one of our Senior Developers.

1. What’s your role at Profound Logic?

I’m a Senior Developer on the Product Development team. I work on development and maintenance of our products, and I also work closely with our Support team to assist with customer issues.

2. Congratulations on being nominated for the Profound Values Recognition award! How do you feel?

Thank you! It means a lot to me, especially in the Innovation category. We have a lot of great minds working on creative and innovative solutions, so it feels really good to be recognized!

3. What do you enjoy the most about working at Profound Logic?

Learning new things. We are always pushing the limits and doing things that haven’t been done before, so it’s a lot of fun.

4. Are there any projects you’re currently working on that you’re excited about?

The project I was recognized for (Profound.js Fibers replacement) has been ongoing for several months, so I’m really excited to finally be done with it. 😊. My next scheduled project is to work on some performance enhancements to help with our transformation projects. This is really exciting because transformation is a key part of our business strategy.

Why Work at Profound Logic?

Profound Logic has been innovating the enterprise development space for over 20 years. Developing enterprise software should be simple! So simple that companies can spend more time leveraging technology to create business value, not wasting time trying to make technology work.

Our comprehensive suite of transformation and application development software is continuously pushing the boundaries of what can be done with low-code JavaScript to meet the business needs of today and tomorrow.

At Profound, we offer a competitive salary, an impressive benefits package, and a rewarding work environment. If you are passionate, energetic, and hard-working, with a desire to join a team that redefines how modern enterprise web applications are built, then Profound Logic would like to talk to you.

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