Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 16.0


Profound UI Version 6, Fix Pack 16.0 (Current Release) – Product Suite updates for Profound UI, fixing many bugs to the visual Designer and UI framework. Genie 5250 screen refacing and fixing a browser side memory leak. JumpStart Application Generator various bug fixes.

Profound UI Product Suite

  • Fixed bug: Named user licenses were failing after the sign-on screen with CPF2489 (since fix pack 13.0.)
  • Added PUIPATCH utility.
    • Fixed an issue that when changing a widget type to a date, the widget would not have the calendar icon and would not be sized correctly.

Atrium (Menu/Navigation System)

  • Fixed bug: Navigation item search will now only return one result per navigation item instead of returning a result for every translation record of the navigation item. The result will favor the translation matching the user’s language if available.

Visual Designer and UI Framework

  • Fixed bug in Designer where changing a “template” property from a Responsive or Tab Layout template to something else causes JavaScript errors to appear in the console, and the new template does not get built.
  • Added the ability to re-order Tab Layout tabs by dragging in Designer, avoiding needing to re-arrange widgets inside tabs. Also, users can move tabs in runtime when the new “movable tabs” property is true.
  • Changed the File Upload Drag-Drop widget to show feedback in Designer Preview like the older File Upload widget.
  • Fixed an issue where moving a widget that uses percentage based positioning would calculate in incorrect value.
  • Fixed Bug: Multi-sort and filter-by-value UI boxes now independently set the font size and wrap text to prevent the text from blocking the user from clicking on the buttons.
  • Fixed Bug with single row zoom width not matching the width of the grid widget.
  • Fixed grid single-row zoom not displaying cells on zoom correctly. Broken since 6.13.0.
  • Fixed property editor for grid and layout widgets in Widget Sets. The shown properties were not specific to grids or layouts, but now they are, including the template’s added properties.
  • Fixed Combo boxes choices list from separating from the input element when inside a layout that is scrolling. Now, the choices list gets hidden upon scroll.
  • Fixed a browser-side memory leak and performance problem that could gradually slow down page responsiveness in sessions running for long periods without running pui.refresh(). Click listeners for ComboBoxes are now cleaned up appropriately.
  • Removed inline styling for the On/Off Switch widget
  • Fixed a mobile device scrolling issue when a Rich Display file has both a Scroller layout and a Responsive layout.
  • Fixed an issue where Firefox would allow a few special characters to be entered into a numeric field.
  • Fixed an issue with the Date widget prompt. It will now show the correct locale “Today” value.
  • Fixed a highlighting issue when using Strict Tab Control and Highlight on Focus.
  • Fixed Bug: The grid filter by value and multi sort UI panels will no longer calculate their position incorrectly when both are opened on the screen at the same time.
  • Fixed Bug: Attempting to open the filter by value UI panel when it is already open will no longer cause the grid to get stuck in a masked state.
  • Combo box arrow flips when opened and closed
  • Fixed Bug: Calendar Icon Not Adjusting When Opening Virtual Keyboard on Touch Devices
  • Fixed Bug: pui.showCalendar() not working correctly when called from an onclick event
  • Fixed Bug: Visual Designer would sometimes execute JavaScript code when opening it for editing.
  • Fixed Bug: Textboxes with float placeholder = true were not visible when placed in a tab panel.
  • Added ability to style spinner widget’s up/down buttons differently when the spinner is disabled.
  • Fixed bug causing mobile client rendering issues sometimes for table layouts going from portrait to landscape view; elements with percent dimensions were not shrinking to fit the smaller height but now are.
  • Fixed Bug: Grids with sliding scrollbar did not scroll properly through rows hidden with the hideRow() function or “row is hidden field” property.
  • Fixed Bug: Responsive layout container name attributes were not always applied to the DOM
  • Removed visible corners on tabs for some tab panels
  • Fixed width of ComboBox options to match the combo-box width again when the options have scrollbars, depending on the browser.
  • Fixed bug: tool tip should appear on the label of radio button and checkbox as well as the button or checkbox itself.
  • Fixed bug: make properties “initial sort field” and “field name sort response” work with columns bound to fields with long field names (longer than 10 characters).
  • Fixed bug: response field “Return Sort Order” has incorrect data for columns that are not used on the multi-sort panel. It should be the original “default sort order” for each of those columns.
  • Fixed bug: response field “”Return Sort Order” is not updated for multi-column sort.
  • The getElementValue, get and pui.get functions will return a radio button’s checked status as true/false.
  • Added new pui.getRadioGroupValue() function.
  • Fixed a bug in where dates in a grid would show [Object object] when using React or Vue frameworks.
  • Fixed Bug: The filter by value and multisort UI panels will no longer scroll their title bar ensuring the close and accept buttons will always be visible.
  • Visual Designer will now read/write Rich Display Files from the IFS that are in DDS format.
  • After an error screen is closed, sessions viewed from the Profound UI mobile client will now return to the connections screen, instead of requiring the application to be forcibly quit.

Genie (5250 Screen Refacing)

  • Fixed Bug: Auto-complete textboxes will now correctly report the location of the cursor, or will move the cursor to the last possible position if placed outside the field definition.
  • Added new API pui.disconnectJob() for disconnecting the 5250 interactive job.
  • Fixed a browser-side memory leak and performance problem that could gradually slow down page responsiveness in sessions running for long periods without running pui.refresh(). Click listeners for ComboBoxes are now cleaned up appropriately.
  • Fixed Bug: showAsWindow() would show all output as a single line if the data in the window contained function key labels.

JumpStart Application Generator

  • Fixed Bug: JumpStart was setting the formatting type for all fields (regardless of type) to “Text”.
  • Jumpstart now supports long SQL column names and DB2 alternate field names in the Jumpstart UI and generated code.
  • Updated Input Capable Subfile template to use the Blueprint styling. Improved Blueprint styling in Standard template.
  • Improved server-side sorting for Standard and Input Capable Subfile templates.

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