Low-code/No-code Application
Development on IBM i

Create business applications without writing massive amounts of code with Profound.js

Profound.js, part of the fully integrated suite of transformation solutions offered by Profound Logic, is a low-code JavaScript platform for custom business applications development. It is ideal for creating internal database applications, extending your legacy systems, or even building a full ERP. Profound.js makes building business applications up to 10 times faster than standard development.

Many companies are still doing application development the way it was done 15 years ago! But, you don’t need to. Profound.js can help you:

  • Reduce the time it takes to develop custom business applications
  • Decrease your never-ending backlog of IT projects
  • Ensure you find the resources needed to replace the wave of retiring RPG developers

Hybrid low-code to easily transition back and forth from hand-coding, to point and click programming


Quickly and easily add powerful Node.js capabilities to your IBM i business apps

Easily find new development talent to replace retiring RPG developers

Join a flourishing community of open source developers

Profound.js Capabilities

Create business applications without writing massive amounts of code

Design Web & Mobile Interfaces


  • True WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) design environment
  • Customizable widgets
  • Database-driven components
  • One simple language (JavaScript)
profoundjs design

Build Backend Logic


  • Visual drag-and-drop business logic development
  • Scalable, multi-user, database-driven applications
  • Zero-code plugins (optionally extended by Javascript/Node.js for advanced requirements)
  • Easily switch to fine tune the code if necessary

Deploy Seamlessly


  • One-click deployment to IBM i, your other servers, or the cloud
  • Any relational database of your choice (new or existing)
  • Data from multiple sources
profoundjs collaborate



  • Cloud-based collaborative development or native installation on IBM i
  • Multiple team members working together easily
  • Graphical and terminal-based source control interfaces based on Git (GitHub integration built-in)

Develop Node.js IBM i business applications today

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Push digital transformation to the next level and reduce time to market for new technology today by utilizing the world of JavaScript with Profound Logic.

Profound API is a complete toolset to create, deploy and manage modern REST web services and turn your IBM i Systems of Record into Systems of Engagement. You can ensure your API meet modern standards without “host based” screen scraping or outdated protocols, which can add to your business’s technical debt.

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