Refacing Module (Genie)

Genie is particularly helpful for companies with tight development resources, or applications where source code is not available.
Genie offers a low effort on-the-fly modernization option for web-enabling and enhancing 5250 green-screens. It provides an intuitive, non-intrusive method for modernizing all of your RPG, PHP, CL, Cobol, menu, and system screens without investing a lot of time, effort, and money into the process.

The Genie module also provides you with Profound UI's unique designer for customizing and enhancing your web-enabled screens with rich Web features and functionality. Simply use the designer's point-and-click interface to instantly add dynamic grids, interactive charts, database-driven dropdowns, graphical panels, and many other components into your existing applications without any coding.

This module is particularly helpful for companies with tight development resources, or applications where source code is not available.

To find more information about Genie and the rest of the Profound UI platform, please click here.

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