2022 State of IBMi Survey

The annual Profound Logic ‘State of IBM i Modernization Survey’ looks at trends and attitudes that shape the IBM i modernization market. The data collected gives the entire community a better understanding of the current state of the IBM i and the priorities of businesses with a similar tech stack.

In 2019, we had over 800 responses and learned about the vital challenges facing the IBM i community.

Results showed that over 70% of people had a goal of adding modern GUI functionality, and 73% of developers were focused on maintaining existing applications. This year, we look forward to seeing how these numbers have been impacted.

The pandemic undoubtedly changed our world, but there is little data about the impact on our IBM i community.

Have businesses shifted their priorities to focus on enterprise development? Or are we all still struggling to keep our existing applications above water?

Your contribution to our industry report would make an enormous difference in the accuracy and context of the data! To share your perspective please enter your information below. Your participation is enormously appreciated and we cannot wait to share the combined results with you in May 2022.


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