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Since the beginning, RPG has been the language of choice on IBM’s midrange computing systems (IBM i, AS/400, etc.).  Developers have learned to do everything within the comfort of the RPG language.  However, as technology has advanced, IBM i developers have struggled keeping up with new technologies within a language that was not built for cloud-centric or distributed architectures.    

IBM has introduced open-source languages, such as Node.js, that were built for API development and integration, but IBM i developers are historically hesitant to learn new languages when RPG has carried them for decades.  Some solutions have focused on trying to simplify API development in RPG.  Others require developers to learn languages like Node.js and provide an interface between RPG and the new language. 

With Profound API, developers handle API development tasks using an intuitive low-code environment without needing to write a single line of code. Just point and click your way to building custom APIs utilizing any combination of IBM i programs or procedures along with both Db2 data as well as data from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, and more.  The low-code system then uses the right tools for the job by implementing Express based Node.js APIs, one of the most popular frameworks for API servers. 

Consuming APIs from IBM i is just as easy and flexible. You can build low-code processes to consume APIs or data from any supported database. You can easily create a workflow that consumes multiple APIs or data sources in a single routine. Those routines can then be called from your RPG applications using a simple RPG program call. Even better, Profound API will give you the RPG code to copy into your application. 

When developing, it is critical to use the right tools for tasks within an application.  All programming languages have their strengths and weaknesses.  Don’t waste time and money trying to use your favorite language for something it wasn’t intended to do.  Get the advantages of Node.js without the time investment to become an expert in a new language.  Innovate integration with Profound API. 

Profound API Features

  • Build custom APIs without writing a single line of code. 
  • Create, organize, and deploy APIs with ease. 
  • Automatic OpenAPI (Swagger) documentation ensures APIs are easy to share and use. 
  • Built-in dashboard to monitor API server and view statistics on each API. 
  • Build, maintain, test, and deploy APIs all within a single IDE. 
  • Create or consume APIs to integrate with any language on any platform. 
    • Node.js 
    • Python 
    • .Net 
    • Jav 
    • PHP 
  • Host your API server on any platform or in the cloud, even if it uses IBM i resources. 

Move your applications forward by API enabling the right way. Build and consume APIs directly using an intuitive low-code system that enables all developers to be productive and successful in days, not months. Do it all with Profound API. 

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