Profound UI Updates: Custom Widget Functionality

Profound Updates

Version 6 Fix Packs 10.0 – 11.0

Dive into the latest new features for Profound UI, including custom widget functionality and more search box choices. Haven’t check in for awhile? See our last updates here.

Custom Widget Functionality can behave like Native Profound UI Widgets

Profound UI has long supported custom widget functionality development, where developers create their own widgets from scratch or adopt widgets from 3rd party JavaScript frameworks. Customers design Rich Display interfaces by dragging and dropping widgets with the Visual Designer, and they work just like the built-in widgets to the end user.

Custom widgets have had several limitations in the past:

  • They could not be used for input that gets submitted to the server-side program without convoluted workarounds.
  • Additionally, they could not be used for input inside of Grid widgets and have that input sent to the server without advanced custom code.
  • Finally, Profound UI widget APIs would not work with custom widgets.

With fix pack 12, custom widgets can work in Profound UI as if they were built into the product without any complex code or workarounds:

  • Custom widgets accept input that gets passed to the server-side program.
  • They display inside grids in Visual Designer the same as built-in widgets.
  • They accept input when in grids, and that input gets passed to the server-side program the same as native widgets.
  • Custom properties can be bidirectional: both input and output.
  • A single widget can have multiple, bound input properties, all of which would be sent to the server.
  • Most Profound UI widget API work with them

As a result, simple custom widgets can now be implemented with a trivial amount of code. Additionally, complex custom widgets can be implemented with less complex code than before.

The following is a grid that contains input-capable custom widgets from three different code-sets—custom from scratch, wrapper over a PrimeUI rating widget, and a wrapper over a jQuery DatePicker widget:

As a result, once the custom widgets have been implemented in JavaScript you no longer need to code more JavaScript to use them: simply drag-and-drop and set the desired properties in Visual or Node Designer. Profound UI takes care of the rest!

Please see the documentation page for “pui.BasicWidget and Bidirectional Custom Properties” for more information.


Search Combo Box Choices


Users can now search combo box options at runtime, and no special configuration is needed to enable this capability. Users simply click the dropdown icon to display a list of choices, and start to type to narrow down the results.

For any further questions please visit our documentation page, or contact support at


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