Profound Logic Releases Major Update to Profound.js, Making it a Full-Fledged Low-Code Development Platform


Profound.js is a low-code, JavaScript platform, that runs on all platforms (including IBM i/AS400/iSeries), built specifically for developers and those that understand enterprise software development

IRVINE, Calif. , June 8, 2021 – Profound Logic( announces their latest upgrade to Profound.js, a Node.js-based low-code platform, designed for application development and enterprise transformation.

There is an ever-increasing demand on IT to rapidly build and deploy new applications, without additional resources, and on top of their ever-growing backlog of development projects. Profound.js, with its latest upgrade, is a low-code solution to this complex challenge that IT all around the world faces. Profound.js increases IT’s productivity, with hybrid low-code, the ability to seamlessly switch between two programming paradigms, low-code and traditional hand-coding.

Double Down on Low-Code Node.js, the Future of Business Application Development

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end runtime environment for JavaScript that enables the development of business logic in JavaScript. Therefore, with Node.js, one language, JavaScript, can be used for both front and back-end development, helping organizations unify disparate development teams and reduce the amount of development resources. Businesses such as Netflix, PayPal, NASA and LinkedIn use Node.js for building high-performant, highly-scalable, enterprise applications.

Profound.js is built on Node.js, along with Profound Logic’s entire integrated suite of business transformation solutions, which includes solutions for web-services/API development, code modernization, mobile application development and green screen modernization.

“We saw a demand from customers to transform their tech stack, requiring a reimagination of the way enterprise software is developed, which has been notoriously complex for way too long,” said Alex Roytman, Founder and CEO at Profound Logic. “We turned to JavaScript, a truly modern language, compared to .Net and Java. We believe JavaScript, running on Node.js, is the future of enterprise software development and that low-code can be great for people within IT, who understand databases and applications. Profound.js is not for citizen developers, there are enough low-code platforms out there for that.”

Profound.js is the first true, low-code platform to run natively on IBM i, with full RPG/DB2 integration, helping companies on IBM i move into the future, without losing years of IT investment. Profound.js runs on Windows, Linux and all cloud platforms, helping IBM i development teams get executive approval for investment. It is not a code generator and therefore does not generate complicated, confusing code in the background. And, because Profound.js is not designed for citizen developers, it helps companies avoid the dreaded problem of ‘shadow IT’.

Profound.js is ideal for enterprise software development. It helps companies running legacy applications rebuild desktop applications as web or mobile applications. Additionally, it helps with rewriting and/or modernizing legacy applications with an existing database.

“Our customers, who are all having development resource challenges, have been telling us for years that they would prefer better productivity tools for application development, rather than continuing to hire more and more developers,” Roytman explained.

Profound.js Features:

  • Significantly speeds up the development of new enterprise software and internal business applications, by allowing IT to focus on delivering business value instead of managing the complex plumbing of development systems
  • Built in JavaScript, the most widely used language worldwide, allowing you to easily find new development talent
  • Runs on all systems, on-prem, in the cloud, and provides seamless integration for various types of relational databases
  • Provides a truly seamless, hassle-free programming environment where you can easily jump back and forth between low-code plugins and hand-coding, without the need to export code out of one programming paradigm into another
  • Directly interfaces with systems of record on IBM i/DB2, by directly calling your existing programs and services programs.
  • Enables the rapid rewriting of legacy and desktop applications, so they can run on any browser, any sized device, with fully responsive design
  • js packages plug directly into environment. Easily tap into the thousands of Node.js packages that are freely available on npm, the open-source package manager for Node.js.

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About Profound Logic  

Profound Logic believes that developing enterprise software should be simple, so that you can spend time leveraging technology to create business value, not wasting time trying to make technology work.  With a suite of transformation and application development software, we are the only IBM i modernization partner with a fully integrated solution stack to solve today’s complex business challenges. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped you innovate for the future through application modernization, integration, and development. Profound Logic Solutions support flexible code transformation, system integration and API modernization, rapid application and low code development, application interface and database modernization, and professional services and staff augmentation. 

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