Developers Given A New Path to Node.js with Profound.js

Leader in IBM i development solutions celebrates 20-year anniversary and announces additional product features and enhancements for developers at the 2019 COMMON POWERUp Conference

May 20, 2019 – Anaheim, CA Profound Logic, an innovator in enterprise modernization and transformation solutions, today announces the availability of Profound.js Spaces. This comes with additional product features and enhancements, at the 2019 COMMON POWERUp Conference in Anaheim, California. At the conference, Profound Logic celebrates their 20-year anniversary and the innovative solutions they’ve brought to the IBM i market, including their latest product, Profound.js Spaces.

Profound.js Spaces: Node.js For the Rest of Us Developers

Profound.js Spaces ( is the free, cloud-based IDE and community for Node.js developers of all skill levels. Profound.js Spaces differs from other online development platforms because it supports full-stack, transactional business development, as opposed to front-end development only.

The platform offers a number of unique features that enable developers to be 10x more productive than by traditional, manual efforts. These features include:

  • Full-stack runtime environment for both client-side JavaScript and server-side Node.js code
  • Unlimited public and private workspaces
  • Full-featured cloud-based IDE
  • Built-in database for every workspace
  • Layouts and codeless responsive design
  • 100+ prebuilt UI widgets
  • Preconfigured Express.js server already running for all workspaces
  • Built‐in callback hell prevention
  • Simple transition to implement any workspace in production (in the cloud or on premise)

A full list of features is available at:

Profound.js Spaces was the vision of Profound Logic’s CEO, Alex Roytman, who wanted to give all developers, including IBM i developers, a launchpad to start creating Node.js applications quickly and easily.

“I believe that all businesses, including those that run on IBM i, can benefit from adopting Node.js in their development efforts,” says Roytman. “Profound.js Spaces lowers the barrier for developers who have a lot or a little experience with Node and makes it much easier for them to create Node applications for their businesses. Node.js is the solution that many businesses have been searching for to address challenges like a diminishing IBM i developer pool, and the need to make applications integrated, cloud-ready, and able to support digital transformation efforts.”

profound.js designer

The Profound.js online visual IDE

Profound.js Spaces business applications are designed to be compatible with any relational database out of the box, including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, IBM Db2, and Db2 for i. Profound.js Spaces also seamlessly integrates with Profound.js, Profound Logic’s solution to convert, connect, design, and deploy IBM i applications in Node.js.

Git Integration for Node.js Products

An important new feature Profound is bringing to the table is integration with Git in their Node.js development products:Profound.js Spaces and Profound.js. The IDEs for these products now feature seamless integration with Git, the popular free/open source version control system. Users can now create Git repositories in the workspace, manage changes, make commits, integrate with GitHub, and more, all without leaving the IDE.

Git integration within the Profound.js IDE

This feature enables users to manage repositories, track changes, clone repositories, and more, all from the Visual Designer. Learn more about this feature here:

RLA to SQL Database Modernization

A big part of modernization involves enabling your code to use standard SQL. Many customers start their efforts with a simple DDS to DDL translation. DDL is a subset of SQL that helps you define databases.

This, however, is only a small part of modernizing to SQL. The more challenging aspect is taking traditional Record Level Access (RLA) and translating it to use embedded SQL within application logic.

Profound Logic now makes it possible to transform RLA to SQL code as part of its RPG-to-Node.js conversion. By transforming RLA to SQL, developers and system administrators can reap many benefits, including:

  • The ability to quickly and efficiently make changes to database tables, such as adding new columns or resizing columns without re-compiling
  • Making it easier to maintain code thanks to SQL being so widely known in and outside of IBM i
  • Enabling the breakup of monolithic applications to separate database access logic from core application logic

Additional Product Capabilities

Profound Logic releases hundreds of new capabilities and improvements for their products each year. Some of the top features in the latest release include:

  • More modern product and widget styling

We recently updated our products and widgets to use a modern flat-look theme that is the industry standard for web and mobile application interfaces.





  •  Ability to Sort Multiple Columns

We’ve added a new capability to sort multiple columns simultaneously. This useful feature gives users more control over how data is presented on screen.

Users can set sort directions and set the primary sort column, secondary sort column, etc. Multi-sorting works for all grids, and many require no changes to take advantage of this feature. If a grid already has “Sort” enabled, then simply right-clicking a column heading and picking the new “Sort…” option displays a dialog for setting multi-sorting.

column sort

  • js Docker Image

Profound.js is now available as a Docker image via Docker Hub. Docker is a tool designed for creating, deploying, and running applications by using OS-level virtualization technology called containers. Docker Hub is a cloud-based repository in which Docker users and partners create, test, store and distribute container images.

To see the complete list of Profound Logic’s product features and capabilities, please visit:


About Profound Logic

At Profound Logic, our mission is to provide the most innovative solutions for application modernization, development, and digital transformation. Since 1999, we’ve helped thousands of customers around the world transform legacy interfaces and source code, develop modern desktop and mobile applications, and optimize enterprise systems. Our developers are true IBM i experts, fluent in modern languages that include RPG and Node.js.

We have offices in Ohio, California, Mississippi, and Wisconsin, in addition to partners located around the world. Learn more at or contact us at 877-224-7768.

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