Update for Profound.js Version 5.0 Licensing

Profound Updates
With the release of the update of Profound.js 5.0, we have changed the licensing strategy.  In version 4.15.2 and earlier, you paid a license for connecting to your server running IBM i.  However, we found that what our customers wanted most was the addition of Low-Code, REST APIs, and enhancements to the Rich Display framework. Therefore, we feel it is more straightforward to license for those components directly.  This will help us provide the functionality our customers need as we move forward together.

The update of Profound.js 5 is built around these key concepts:

  • Business logic should be simple to create and easy to follow
  • Web and Mobile interfaces should be easy to build using a drag and drop tool
  • Database connectivity and web servers should be inherent to every application
  • One simple language (JavaScript) should be used for both front-end and back-end logic
Don’t worry, if you previously purchased a license for the IBM i connector, your license will transfer over to the new license model. Read the documentation located here. If you haven’t already received a new license from us, please contact our sales team at sales@profoundlogic.com for assistance.

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