Flexible IBM i Source Code Transformation

Reduce costs and replace retiring developers by converting legacy IBM i (AS400) RPGLE source code to Node.js or free-format RPG.

Automated, Flexible Code Transformation of Legacy IBM i Source Code

Flexible Code Transformation is a service that gives businesses an automated approach to converting legacy IBM i RPG source code to Node.js or truly modern RPG. With this service, you can start your Node journey right away and avoid the long, expensive, and risky cycles that Java or .NET refactoring will cause to your business.

We also offer a transformation of fixed RPG to Truly Modern RPG. This service not only converts fixed format RPG to free format, it also includes – modularization of monolithic RPG, removal of dead code, automatic fix of Goto’s, and going to “Fully Free”, not just free format.

Profound Logic is the only partner that provides a unified development environment for all its solutions. This not only addresses legacy code but future development as well.

Reduce development costs

Node.js can reduce costs by 58% and is easier to manage, making more time for new development projects.

Deliver modern apps quickly

Quickly convert legacy RPG code to modern Node.js and truly modern RPG with an automated service

Futureproof your enterprise

Node.js makes it significantly easier to deliver scalable, modularized, integrated, and cloud-ready applications.

Innovate like the best

The world’s top companies – including Netflix, LinkedIn and NASA – trust their applications to Node.js.

Old, monolithic IBM i RPG code poses many risks
to your business.

Can be inefficient, unstable, inflexible, and vulnerable

Isn’t portable or cloud-ready

Doesn’t support a new generation of developers

Is slow to keep up with business demands

This service is ‘Flexible’ because it gives you:

  • Control over the amount of code you want to transform – some, or all.
  • The option to convert code into Node.js, truly modern RPG, or both.
  • The ability to roll out transformed applications incrementally and iteratively based on your business needs.
  • Can be done in agile and iterative manner.

Our converter tool is dynamic, and we tailor it within each engagement based on the unique characteristics of your business’s code.

Node.js is an enterprise-ready language used by Fortune 500 companies around the world, including:

Why Node.js?

Node.js is the perfect language for IBM i applications. It is:

  • Native: Runs natively on the IBM i and is less complex than Java
  • Everywhere: Hire younger developers to replace those who are retiring
  • Optimized: Eliminate bad code
  • Scalable: Implement microservices
  • Flexible: Make applications platform agnostic
  • Portable: Extend applications to the cloud and other non-IBM i platforms
  • Agile: Support an iterative approach to business transformation
nodejs infographic

Are Java and .NET “modern”?

.NET and Java are often presented as options to transform RPG code. The challenge is that, like RPG, .NET and Java are not new technologies. They are actually close to 30 years old. While there are some reported automation offerings by other vendors that carry their own risk, attempts to transform RPG to Java or .NET manually are slow, risky, and expensive… and subject to significant human error.

A much better approach is to automate the code transformation using a truly modern language that will future-proof business efforts while preserving their IBM i investment. To give businesses the absolute best path to digital transformation, Profound Logic transforms legacy RPG to Node.js as a service.

Let’s discuss your modernization roadmap: