Systems Integration Services

Integrate and interface your IBM i applications and data.

Full systems integration is crucial. If your company is implementing a new business system, such as a CRM system for sales or a new financial management system, some vendors may suggest that you should completely replace your IBM i applications. You know that your business systems represent years of custom rules.

A much better strategy is to integrate and interface your IBM i applications and data with these new systems. Systems integration makes this possible.

Systems Integration Services

Our Systems Integration service will:

  • Provide loosely coupled, flexible integrations
  • Enable your IBM i applications to Interface with non IBM i applications via existing
    API layers
  • Utilize NPM (Node Package Manager) for faster and easier integration.
  • NPM is an online repository for the publishing of open-source Node.js projects, of which there are several hundred thousand available for immediate use which reduces the time spent creating code from scratch.

Let’s discuss your modernization roadmap: