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Fast, Clean Code Generation for RPG and PHP Applications

Fast, Clean Code Generation for RPG and PHP Applications

Need to quickly produce a new interface for RPG or PHP applications? JumpStart is the product for you! By giving RPG and PHP developers the ability to automatically generate user interfaces and application logic, JumpStart makes IBM i development and modernization easier than ever before. 

JumpStart's code generator provides templates for both Web and mobile interfaces that eliminate the need to start a project from scratch. Simply choose the application type, such as a subfile listing, data entry or lookup.

Additional options are then presented, including load-all vs. page-at-a-time, record actions, target language, title, data source, field selection and choice of template.

With JumpStart, you can:

  • Quickly produce new applications without starting from scratch
  • Easily extend existing applications with seamless Profound UI integration
  • Automate the production of modern, Free Format RPG code
  • Deliver clean PHP code that follows a proven MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern
  • Support new developers or those with limited RPG/PHP experience 

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