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Profound UI

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The Native, Comprehensive, and Intuitive Way to Modern IBM i Interfaces

Profound UI Modernization and Development Tool for IBM i

If your company runs on the IBM i platform (previously known as AS400 or iSeries), you can easily modernize your RPG applications while keeping your existing business logic, source code and developer talent intact.

Profound UI is a suite of tools that makes it easy to transform existing RPG applications into GUI browser-based applications, or develop new, rich desktop applications that run on the IBM i.

With Profound UI, you can unlock the business and performance benefits of graphical application interfaces, while using the same methodology, RPG operations, and programming techniques that you're already familiar with. Because of its native approach, the learning curve for RPG developers is virtually non-existent! And by integrating Web development best practices that include HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript directly into the platform, you’ll deliver high-quality applications without needing to become a Web development expert.

Profound UI Modules:

The Profound UI Suite is made up of a tightly integrated, comprehensive set of modules that include:
  • Visual Designer - A browser-based design tool that lets you drag-and-drop your way to modern RPG and PHP applications
  • DDS Conversion Tool - Automates the process of converting source code to Rich Display Files for browser-based RPG applications
  • RPG Open Access Handler - Takes RPG applications beyond the 5250 data stream and to any Web browser
  • JumpStart Application Generator - Quickly produce clean, modern RPG, PHP, or Node.js code without starting from scratch 
  • Genie - Instantly refaces your 5250 green-screens in web and mobile browsers
  • Atrium - Replaces green-screen menus with centralized, streamlined and secure web browser navigation

New Features

Click here to learn about the newest product features and enhancements.

Profound UI Benefits

Profound UI offers an open-source Web 2.0 UI framework that puts you in control. Vendor lock-in is a thing of the past.

Profound UI uses native IBM i and Web technologies, like JSON and HTML5, for Web and mobile development, and the most mature RPG Open Access handler available.

The graphical development interface of Profound UI makes it easy to build Web 2.0 and mobile applications using the coding skills you already have.

Profound UI provides built-in entry point security and built-in protection from SQL injection. In addition, Profound UI uses the HTTP server and the IBM i Operating System to provide Encryption, Object-based Application Architecture to prevent viruses, Program and File Level authority, and Auditing/Logging capabilities.

Why Modernize with Profound UI?

Profound UI is the native, comprehensive and integrated suite of tools for developers who want to: 

  • Transform outdated green-screen applications into modern Web and mobile applications
  • Go beyond screen-scraping and convert legacy RPG and DDS code into truly modern user interfaces
  • Make IBM i applications available in all Web and mobile browsers using RPG Open Access
  • Avoid using complicated tools, learning non-IBM i programming languages or outsourcing development talent

 By modernizing your company’s applications, you can: 

  • Demonstrate the power and value of the IBM i platform throughout your organization
  • Extend the life of your legacy applications
  • Breathe new life into your applications by adding images, Google maps, interactive charts and graphs, and more!
  • Increase productivity and decrease training times by giving end users tools that are more intuitive and easier to use
  • Support your remote workers by making their applications available on mobile devices and tablets

Product Screenshots

The Profound UI Visual Designer includes hundreds of drag-and-drop widgets that make application design easy
The Genie Administrator guides you through creating a custom skin for your refaced applications
Atrium simplifies navigation in IBM i applications that are modernized for the Web
RPGsp offers numerous Wizards and Templates to get you started immediately
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