Advantages of Low-Code Development Platforms

Low Code Development Platform

Technology plays a crucial role in running a business. Businesses that want to thrive in the new year are directly affected by technology in 2022—a year challenged by the effects of the pandemic. These challenges shed light on the advantages of low-code development platforms. 

Bold steps must be taken to reconstruct how the operations of companies are run. Since people are quarantined at home or are attempting to remain socially distanced, consumers are demanding that newer and better applications come out faster. 

Software companies need to make big changes to keep up with the speed of consumer demand. This can be achieved by accelerating digital transformation through reliable low-code development platforms like Profound.js

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What is a Low-code Development Platform (LCDP)?

LCDPs facilitate opportunities for digitization. They enable application creation without the need for a lot of programming. Low-code environments allow developers to create applications with little software development or IT knowledge. LCDPs enable a significant transformation in automating workflows as enterprises cope with the operations’ demands.

A typical example is a shift to remote working strategies requiring collaborative technologies for employees. The setup needs to have communication channels or customer service models to allow business continuity and ease of consumer transactions. In turn, companies are required to make full use of dependable LCDPs.

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Taking Advantage of LCDPs

Using low-code platforms, companies can give their employees and customers the speed, effectiveness, and flexibility they need for their business to succeed. Here are a few of the benefits your business can reap by using reputable LCDPs:

1. The capability of low-code integration to support rapid application development is a tremendous advantage to an enterprise. The application allows automation of customer journeys, giving them a seamless and convenient buying experience. Low-code integration also streamlines workflow process management for complex and content-driven business processes.

2. Reduced traditional coding transactions that require time to produce an application is a significant edge that businesses can take advantage of in a low-code application. Instead of a conventional programming language, the low-code application will create abstract functions into visual interfaces—reducing the time and cost of building apps.

3. Businesses can provide a hassle-free and frictionless experience with low-code integration. Low-code development can be delivered through a low-code process automation platform, which helps an organization manage its processes and workflows better. Low-code development platforms benefit everyone, from customers and employees to partners.

4. The rapid delivery of applications enables enterprises to take full advantage of the low-code application. This allows businesses to make applications available with minimum manual coding that entails minimal upfront investment in setup, training, and distribution.


With low-code development applications, businesses can enjoy:

  1. Becoming the best brand that separates itself from the competition, making it distinct and prominent among other enterprises or brands in the industry.
  2. Getting ahead and becoming the market leader in the industry, allowing them to live up to the customer expectation curve.
  3. Introducing new and innovative products and unleashing innovations that allow business reinvention or diversification.
  4. A rapid engagement and response to customer demands across a wide variety of business channels.

Businesses that allow digital transformation through LCDPs have a game-changing advantage in taking on any challenges that may arise. Diving into the promises of the benefits will dictate the company’s growth and sustainability. For these reasons and so many more, low-code development is a technology companies must utilize if they want to succeed and surpass the competition in 2022 and beyond.


Profound.js: Low-Code Application Development

Profound.js is a low-code JavaScript/Node.js solution designed primarily for developers that runs on all platforms (even IBM i). Profound.js is the first real low-code platform to run natively on IBM i with complete RPG/DB2 interaction, allowing businesses on IBM i to go forward without squandering years of IT investment. Use it today and accelerate application development to up to 10x faster. 

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