IT Priorities for 2022


Technology has changed all of our lives in unimaginable and incredible ways. It has allowed us to optimize everyday processes to make life much easier. Technological advancements will continue to play a massive role in all of our lives in 2022 and beyond.

The new year comes with a wave of optimism and a fresh start for every person and business, and technology continues to play a significant role in implementing new projects and identifying priorities. While the pandemic continues to rage on, technology has allowed us to cope with it in many ways. With the number of COVID-19 vaccinations worldwide on the rise, we are continuously learning to live with our new normal.  Although the pandemic has hit many businesses and those who couldn’t adapt have perished, technology is at the forefront of it all to help those who survived come out stronger. Undoubtedly, the pandemic has brought about a greater demand for technology. In 2022, there will be a strong emphasis on implementing IT-related initiatives for businesses to thrive.

What are IT priorities for 2022, and how can your business thrive in the year ahead?


API Development and Integration

API development and integration will take the lead in industries that want to accelerate their business growth regardless of size. The demands on application development teams have never been higher. Unfortunately, this volume and how the applications are designed and managed can create application silos. APIs are the bridge that makes modern, scalable, and portable business systems possible. This is a huge priority for businesses in the new year.

With Profound Logic’s solutions, API development is easier than ever. Profound API can push digital transformation to the next level in 2022. Our solution helps to reduce the time it takes to integrate custom business applications while ensuring you have the resources you need. Profound API’s management and performance monitoring dashboards help you keep an eye on the performance of your API ecosystem, enabling you to address problem areas before any business disruption occurs. Push digital transformation to the next level with Profound API.


Greater Demand for Cloud Computing

For a more seamless business transaction, cloud computing is among the top priorities in IT for 2022. Cloud computing enables users to access files and applications from almost any device and location while also allowing users to process data without a physical connection. Large cloud services are distributed to multiple locations outside the provider’s data centers, but responsibility for their operation, management, and development remain with the cloud provider.

Moving to the cloud is so huge that an IT leaders’ survey found that 50% of them have a “cloud-first” approach, and 39% described their business as “cloud-first.” Thus, decision-makers must prioritize cloud computing in 2022 in response to the increasing needs of their business.

With Profound Logic’s Cloud Migration Services, your business can quickly get started with cloud computing today. Our Cloud Migration Team will help you define a cloud strategy, select a cloud vendor and platform, support the migration, and more.


Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Behavior (IoB)

IoT offers the unlimited potential to advance modern connectivity. It is an established technology that contains the capacity and preparedness for security and edge infrastructure upgrades. It can also increase network agility, AI integration, and the ability to automate, orchestrate and secure internet cases at a hyper-scale. According to the forecast made by Ericsson, there will be 18 billion IoT-related devices connected through the internet in 2022.

A few ways that IoT is driving digitization include self-driving cars, robot manufacturing, and the emergence of remote medical devices that allow doctors to diagnose patients and even conduct surgery. This implementation is not surprising due to social distancing measures to prevent COVID-19 transmission in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Meanwhile, IoB is an emerging trend that refers to collecting and using “digital dust” or the traces that users leave behind, such as facial recognition, location information, and big data. With the increasing digital dust available, it is forecasted that IoB programs will continue to emerge and grow in 2022 and become mainstream in the coming years.

Profound.js will help to address the needs of IoT in a way that will allow your company to thrive and succeed. Profound.js is a low-code Javascript solution that runs on all platforms (including IBM i) and is specifically created by developers for developers. It enables seamless plugging in and out of IoT applications and devices without affecting devices and applications that aren’t involved in the process. Get started with Profound.js today to ensure success in the new year.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Decision-makers listed RPA as one of the top IT priorities in 2022. RPA allows industries to build, deploy, and manage robots through software technology. These robots can emulate human actions which interact with digital systems and software. These robots can also perform a wide range of defined activities faster and more consistently. RPA benefits many healthcare, finance, supply chain, and insurance.


Expansion of 5G and 6G

With remote working setup experienced across all industries, internet reliability has become necessary. According to Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, 60% of the global population will rely on the internet by 2022. There is also an increase in focus on 5G and 6G expansion for the coming year.

In some countries, 6G research has started as early as 2018. The US is considering opening a higher frequency for practical use. Meanwhile, South Korea, Japan, and a few European countries are looking into a 6G expansion in 2022.


A Step Into the Future

Rapid progress in IT is a necessity in 2022, especially as the world prepares for the unprecedented. The new year offers many opportunities and room to grow—be it a small startup, SMEs, or gigantic corporations—and technology will be essential to succeed. The future is unknown but offers hope, and IT is crucial to bringing us there.

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