Modernization of IBM i Legacy Applications


Even though the digital transformation of IBM i applications has been around for decades, people still have misconceptions regarding the concept. Many people believe that it simply requires taking something analog and converting it to a digital format. People may also think that the transformation does not make things more efficient and that since everything is digital now, organizations should follow the trend. However, this mindset is a huge roadblock to fully taking advantage of the benefits presented by digital transformation

Since customer expectations are changing faster than companies can keep up, the only way to sustain a competitive advantage is to phase out a legacy mindset.

In this article, we’ll look at what a legacy mindset is, why it’s a roadblock to creating a genuinely innovative company, and how to overcome it in your own company.


What is a Legacy Mindset?

A legacy mindset is a way of thinking and looking at things. When someone does not want to modify how they work or gain new skills, they are said to have a legacy mindset. A person with a legacy mindset is entirely content to keep working in the same way they have in the past, regardless of how the world around them changes.

In some situations, an employee may only be able to work for a few more years before retiring. In most cases, an employee is averse to change and prefers to remain in their familiar surroundings. It should go without saying that having a big group of people with legacy attitudes is not favorable to the advancement of an analytics business. 

To avoid declining productivity and effectiveness over time, it is vital to convince people with a legacy perspective to attempt a new way of thinking. If persuading the personnel fails, it may be necessary to remove them from the organization gradually.

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The Legacy of IBM i Software and Structure

The legacy software and structure are part and parcel of the legacy mindset, and both elements contribute to making a business less competitive than it should be. In essence, the legacy software is a monolithic architecture that presents the following issues:

1. It lacks the flexibility that allows the integration of new features with ease to ensure a short time to market a product.
2. It is not scalable such that as the business grows, it is not capable of handling more users and transactions.
3. It is not stable, which results in a significant amount of downtime that can lead to massive losses for the company.

Conway’s Law states that a company’s software simply reflects its organizational structure regarding legacy structure. As a result, it is critical to reconsider your organizational structure when putting together a new tech stack. It necessitates strength and dedication. Yes, you will let people down or possibly lose them. However, this is a natural element of every company’s development. It will take some time before you are rewarded for your efforts, but the business will be far more powerful than it has ever been in the end.

It is crucial to address these two to have a significant effect on overcoming the legacy mindset.

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Modernization of IBM i Legacy Applications

Businesses that ignore their legacy structure in favor of updating their IBM i software will be a source of frustration. There will be a technology team, which will have to deal with outdated software and legacy structures and mindsets in other departments. As a result of a legacy structure, new software development is inefficient. A legacy approach to digital transformation can often result in a lack of clear communication within departments.

The majority of departments will attempt to safeguard their legacy projects. As a result, communication is unclear, and workflows will be inefficient. Although a modern tech stack will replace legacy software, digital products will remain average. The transformation effort will most likely be viewed as a failure. These businesses will then continue to operate on a half-modern technology stack. However, the modern tech stack will swiftly revert to legacy unless the legacy mindset and structure are addressed.


The Right Way: 5 Tips to Modernize Legacy IBM i


1. Get everyone involved in the transformation

It is critical to begin establishing a cross-functional network within your company. Cross-departmental collaboration is required to automate a business process from beginning to end and convert it into something more efficient. For example, if you’re working with developers, you should seek out some operations and human resources partners because they will need to be involved. If possible, get people to cooperate from the start.

2. Emphasize the benefits

Emphasize the value of the change that is about to happen and match it to the workload that the team will have to carry out. Focus on how it can bring about efficiency and increase revenue. There is power in translating the technical details into benefits and opportunities, which matter more to everyone.

3. Run a small project first

The smart way to do any transformation is to run it on a small pilot project. Doing this will give you a proof of concept and help you get more people to support the change. Later on, you can simply scale from the small project into other bigger ones.

4. Put a premium on training

Training allows your staff to incorporate new ideas into their job and get further information about what they already know. Therefore, continuous training is necessary to ensure that continuous improvement is achieved.

5. Share your success

To completely overcome the legacy mindset, you must share your success everywhere. Let people know about the results of your endeavor and help them overcome their legacy mindset as well. Celebrate your achievements by doing presentations across departments. Make sure to tell your story so that your audience will understand.


Modernize and Overcome

Start by adjusting the company’s perspective when thinking about replacing legacy software. It has to start at the top. If you have the correct mindset, the next natural step is to change your company’s structure to make software development more efficient. After that, consider your technology stack, and it doesn’t work the other way around!

Organizations must stop depending on old software and modernize their fundamental technologies to meet the needs of the new digital transformation economy. Businesses will only gain if they embrace modernization as a cycle rather than a one-time initiative.

Modernizing your legacy systems is a continuous process, so it’s best to have a trusted partner. Profound Logic can help you take the right approach to modernize your legacy systems. Contact us at or call us at 1-877-224-7768 to learn more and see results!


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