Empowering California’s Regional Centers: A Profound Transformation with SANDIS Solutions 


Since the 1970s, California’s 21 Regional Centers, working under the State’s Department of Developmental Services, have been at the forefront of serving individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. However, with the state’s population growth surpassing the national average, the centers technical systems faced substantial challenges in meeting the escalating demand. In response, SANDIS Solutions, currently driven by Profound UI and Profound Mobile, emerged as the innovative solution to address these challenges. 

As the California population soared, the 21 Regional Centers met difficulties in maintaining pace with the rising demand for their services. Recognizing the need for a more efficient and scalable solution, Nancy Lorch, the Manager of Software Development at the San Diego Regional Center, found herself at the epicenter of this transformative journey. 

The Challenge & Why Profound Logic Was the Solution: 

Nancy, a seasoned professional in software development, observed that the technological needs of the Regional Centers were outpacing their current applications. It was clear that a paradigm shift was required to streamline the processes and elevate the quality-of-service delivery to individuals with developmental disabilities. Motivated by this realization, Nancy and her team took a bold step to futurize their applications. This marked the inception of SANDIS Solutions, an entity driven by innovation and a commitment to enhancing the efficiency of service delivery in the developmental disabilities sector. 

Profound UI Mobile kickstarted our collaboration, opening doors for what was initially a mobile solution project catering to Service Coordinators in the field. Previously, Service Coordinators working in the field with clients faced a significant challenge. They had to return to their respective Regional Centers and manually input client data into a desktop application. This process was not only time-consuming but also inefficient, hindering the caseworkers’ ability to access real-time client information. By implementing Profound UI Mobile, Service Coordinators now have access to SANDIS applications on their mobile devices. 

The Revolutionary Change:

Nancy and her team spearheaded the development of the SANDIS desktop application, SANDIS Mobile App, and a Service Provider Portal. These applications, powered by Profound Mobile and Profound UI, have become essential tools for Service Coordinators and Service Provider Partners, enabling them to access vital information on services and community resources with unprecedented ease. 

SANDIS Desktop Application:

The cornerstone of SANDIS Solutions’ intervention, the SANDIS desktop application, powered by Profound UI, is designed for comprehensive desktop-based interactions. It offers a feature-rich environment, allowing for in-depth data analysis, complex case management, and seamless integration with existing systems. The application’s versatility ensures that Service Coordinators have the tools needed to address the diverse and evolving needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families.

SANDIS Mobile App:

Utilizing Profound Mobile, SANDIS Solutions also developed the SANDIS Mobile App. This application serves as a versatile and user-friendly tool, empowering Service Coordinators to access critical information on services and community resources seamlessly. The app’s intuitive interface and real-time functionality enable enhanced communication and decision-making, fostering a more responsive and efficient service delivery system.

Service Provider Portal:

In tandem with the SANDIS Mobile App, SANDIS Solutions introduced a robust Service Provider Portal. Developed with Profound UI, this portal acts as a centralized hub for Service Providers and other stakeholders. Profound UI’s capabilities ensure an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional user interface, enhancing the overall user experience. The Service Provider Portal facilitates streamlined collaboration, resource allocation, and reporting, contributing to improved operational efficiency across the Regional Centers.

The integration of Profound UI and Profound Mobile into these applications ensures not only a seamless user experience but also a future-ready technology infrastructure. The synergy between SANDIS Solutions and Profound Logic has resulted in solutions that transcend conventional boundaries, providing a robust platform for Regional Centers to adapt and thrive in a dynamic service environment. 

This suite of applications has not only met the immediate challenges posed by the surge in demand but has also positioned the 21 Regional Centers to navigate future uncertainties with agility and resilience. As the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities evolve, SANDIS Solutions, powered by Profound Logic, stands as a testament to the power of innovative technology in advancing the mission of enhancing lives and fostering community inclusivity.

Today, SANDIS Solutions has successfully implemented its transformative applications across all 21 Regional Centers in California. The SANDIS Mobile App played a pivotal role during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing the centers to seamlessly transition to remote work and continue delivering crucial services to those in need. 

A Profound Partnership:  

In 2020, facing the challenge of staff retirements, Nancy again turned to Profound Logic for a solution. Profound’s Premium Staff Augmentation proved to be a lifeline for SANDIS Solutions, enabling them to maintain momentum in addressing the critical needs of the Regional Centers. 

More recently, within this collaboration, a dedicated development environment on the IBM Power System addressed HIPAA compliance. It allowed effective testing without privacy concerns, underscoring a commitment to the highest standards in data protection. This comprehensive approach not only tackled immediate challenges but positioned SANDIS Solutions for sustained success in the dynamic service environment. 

With this support, development timelines have drastically shortened, allowing for more efficient releases and the transition to bundled quarterly releases. Nancy attests, “What used to take months or even years to roll out, we can now deploy within a matter of weeks. Our efficiency has improved so much that we’ve seamlessly transitioned to completing bundled quarterly releases.” The Premium Staff Augmentation ensures SANDIS Solutions can promptly respond to new directives from regional centers and create modules to track and monitor emerging data and information. 

Elevating Your Business: 

Experience the transformative power of Profound Mobile, Profound UI, or explore the benefits of our Premium Staff Augmentation. Connect with us at sales@profoundlogic.com to discover how these solutions can elevate your business and streamline your operations. 

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